Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

Well I was among that minority who felt that Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel was a good movie. I had my own expectations in seeing a part 1 movie in a franchise that has Superman in the main role and Man of Steel was able to please me. When it comes to the new one Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, we all knew that it is going to be a tricky one for the makers. The lack of conviction in creating a physical war between God and Man is the real low point of this movie. It may have moments that will make us whistle for its commercial appeal, but the movie that has this epic battle needed a better content.

Spoiler alert! A little bit of story will be spilled in the remaining part of this paragraph. The story happens in the aftermath of the climax of Man of Steel. The catastrophic damage caused in that climax fight of the earlier movie ignites this thought of controlling superman in the mind of Bruce Wayne (Snyder’s Wayne is slightly old but his Alfred is somewhat the elder brother of Tony Stark). The film apparently starts off as Bruce Wayne’s attempt to restrict Superman. How Lex Luthor’s idea of creating “something” from the remains of the Kryptonian wreckage gets a role in this battle is what this Batman Vs Superman tale talking about.

I won’t agree with those early reviews trashing the movie completely, but I do agree to the fact that the film disappoints very much in terms of content. Christopher Nolan has created this epic image for Batman through his Trilogy and because of such a movie I personally expected to see some depth in the detailing and structure given to both our heroes. But in the movie they don’t look like Superheroes with goodness inside. They are just trying to settle their egos. Wayne who started all this to put an end to this uncontrollable Superman threat is becoming a part of it at the end. The smart thing Zack Snyder has done here is the entertainment packaging. A large portion of audience would be expecting a dark thriller and Snyder offers moments that are not so dark and deep but entertains you peripherally. Like the intro of Wonder Woman and the first meeting of our heroes in costume.

Ben Affleck wasn’t that much of a disappointment. The Bruce Wayne he got to play was on the older side (I heard that in an interview). The writing that has taken away the charm of Bruce Wayne has affected the Batman we see on screen. Henry Cavill was okay as Superman with the physique and onscreen attitude. Jesse Eissenberg gives a peculiar identity to Lex Luthor through his impressive performance. Nothing much is there to say about wonder woman Gal Gadot (brief role) and Amy Addams as Lois Lane. Laurence Fishburrne whose character looked much real in Man of Steel somewhat sounded like Jonah Jameson in the Spiderman franchise. Jeremy Irons may not fit in to the description of the Alfred we expect, but he looked really cool as the sophisticated gadget master Alfred.

You get to see the signature Zack Snyder slow motion shots this time (It wasn’t there in MoS). More than the making I feel the content has pulled the movie backwards. As I already said, there is no substantial reason for these great superheroes to fight against one another. By the time “the dream sequence” ends you will sort of sense the fact that it aint going to be that epic.  Even though Doomsday arrives to take the plot to the cliché “saving the earth” agenda, the ego of the heroes stands out. Cinematography was fine and the television show like dissolving in to black edits wasn’t that great. Much like the earlier one, the mass destruction scenes are there in abundance and the visual effects showed quality. The background score from Hans Zimmer and Junkie XL has that pumping feel occasionally.

Batman V Superman : Dawn of Justice is a passable one for sure. It has moments that will make you say wow, applaud and cheer. But once you come out of the cinema hall, the chances of recollecting all that you saw inside is pretty less. I would say it’s an average one.

Final Thoughts

Batman V Superman : Dawn of Justice is a passable one for sure. But once you come out of the cinema hall, the chances of recollecting all that you saw inside is pretty less.


Green: Recommended Content

Orange: The In-Between Ones

Red: Not Recommended


By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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