Rocky Handsome

As I have not seen the movie based on which Rocky Handsome was made, there won’t be any comparisons in this review. Nishikant Kamath after the much acclaimed Drishyam remake joins hands with his other remake “Force” star John Abraham for this new movie called Rocky Handsome and to be very honest it looks like a grey version of the mass masala Telugu movies and the sophisticated feel they have tried to add looks too petty.

Handsome, as they call him in that apartment, is this moody grumpy guy who is living in the memories of his wife who is no more. The only person who talks to him is this little girl from the next flat. Even though he isn’t that interested in having a warm friendship with her there is a certain care and space for the girl. The movie deals with a particular scenario where this girl gets kidnapped by a bunch of gangsters and Mr. Handsome decides to save her. How that happens and who exactly is this guy is what Rocky Handsome all about.

The intention of Nishikant Kamat may be was to make the film look dark on screen, but what has happened is that the film looks way too dull. The posters made me feel that this girl was way too important for the hero, but when it comes to the movie the child character just looks like a tool to enhance cheesy heroism. The interval sequence that reveals the identity of the hero has almost 75% of the trailer. The eccentric villains aren’t really exciting and you know what is going to happen very easily.

John Abraham is without a doubt a great choice for the role. The film demands him to be in his bulky tough best and the actor offers that to the audience. Loved the grace he showed in the action sequences. Nishikant Kamat who portrays the role of the antagonist was fine in his bald look. Don’t know the name of the actor who played his brother’s role, but the performance was a bit too eccentric. The little girl Diya Chalwad is burdened with heavy dramatic dialogues. Nothing much is there to talk about the rest of the cast.

Nishikant Kamat has made the movie in the similar fashion he made Force. It has this attire of a dark intense thriller, but there is barely any intensity in the movie to intrigue you. If that climax fight filled with knife and blood was not there, the film would have been an absolute dud. The fast paced fight sequence which had the sense of realism to its credit is the only positive of this movie. The writing has taken too much of stuff from the original movie that we aren’t that used to in our cinema. The lack of a strong bond between the hero and child, the lack of convincing peculiar antagonist and the lack of a good reason for all this literally bloody fight was clearly making the movie a boring one. I thought Goa was a good place to shoot and I don’t know why they have included too much of really awkward green screen shots in certain sequences. Cinematography was fine. The edits occasionally takes away the charm of the crispy fight. The songs are catchy and the BGM was fine.

So to sum it up, Rocky Handsome disappoints with its content. It is somewhat a dark and dull version of Wanted aka Pokkiri (Not exactly, but somewhere).  With no real excitement happening at any point in the movie it is just John Abraham’s show of his body and action.

Final Thoughts

Rocky Handsome disappoints with its content. It is somewhat a dark and dull version of Wanted aka Pokkiri (Not exactly, but somewhere).


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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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