Saw VK Prakash’s BEAUTIFUL today. What to say, after a series of disappointing copy cat movies VKP has come up with a movie that is truly BEAUTIFUL. The posters and teasers might have given us the feeling that its an offbeat movie. But trust me it has all the ingredients of a commercial flick. It has comedy, emotional scenes and a good Suspense.

The movie is about the friendship of Stephen (Jayasurya) and Anoop Menon (John). Stephen is a paralyzed man by birth who lives with an amazing positive attitude towards life. He considers himself as a very normal person and hates the sympathy of others. He meets John, a struggling Singer, who lives with dreams of having a good music Band and he wants to make his sister a doctor. The main backbone of BEAUTIFUL is the screen chemistry between Jayasurya and Anoop Menon. They are sooo cool!!

On the onscreen side, Jayasurya as Stephen will amaze us for sure. Just imagine, he has only face, no other aid to support his expressions. His voice modulation and dialog delivery was excellent. Anoop Menon as John is also too good. He is more of a common man and has done the job in a flawless manner. Meghna has portrayed the role of Anjali, a home nurse who comes in to the life of these youngsters. Nandu has done an impressive show as the PA of Stephen. Tini Tom, Unni Menon and Many others were there in the movie and no one delivered a poor performance.

On the off-screen side, I think this is VK Prakash’s BEST. He has convinced almost all types of audiences with this BEAUTIFUL movie. Anoop Menon can also take a huge credit for his smooth screenplay and dialogs. No melodramatic dialogs are there. Some non-veg dialogs are there at the beginning. But it shows us how Positive Stephen is about life. Channel Interview Scene, Scenes having John and his sister etc were written very beautifully. VKP’s ability to visualize was used effectively in BEAUTIFUL. Camera work was really good. Song sequences were also a delight to watch. Songs of Ratheesh Vegha are really good. I would like to know who dubbed for Anoop Menon in the singing sequences. Really nice Voice.

In short BEAUTIFUL is one more superb creation from Malayalam movie industry. The low budget and simplicity in the making enhances the glory of the film’s success. I heard Jayasurya did the shooting for this movie while he was taking rest after having an injury. Keep doing these type of movies Jayasurya. You have an amazing actor inside you. Anoop Menon is surely that all rounder mollywood looking for.
BEAUTIFUL is ‘Simply’ Beautiful. Watch it from your nearest theater ASAP. Not often you see people applauding after a movie.

My rating for VK Prakash’s BEAUTIFUL is 4/5
Its More than BEAUTIFUL!!

Final Thoughts

BEAUTIFUL is one more superb creation from Malayalam movie industry. The low budget and simplicity in the making enhances the glory of the film's success.


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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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