Swapna Sanchari

Kamal’s” Swapna Sanchari” is not a bad movie. Its a one time watch Good movie. You cant say the theme is fresh. Becoz We have seen similar story lines and similar characters in many other movies. Script writer Gireesh Kumar hasnt gone out of his safe zone and tried anything different. The structure of the sequences has similarities with his previous hit movie “Veruthe Oru Bharya”.

Well, about the movie, its about Ajayachandran Nair an NRI, played by Jayaram and how his life changes drastically through various circumstances. Many of the Gulf Malayali’s will find this movie a little more interesting, as they might have seen people like Ajayachandran in their real life. Ajayachandran is someone who wants to make it big in life through business. As he was brought up in a very bad financial and social setup he wishes to live an exotic life. After his return to his home land after a highly successful NRI life, he is always bothered about his image and social status. These ego and superiority/inferiority complex leads him to a lot of troubles. Movie doesnt portray Ajayachandran Nair as a totally negative guy. He has a nice side. But his ego makes him a totally different man.

Kamal’s direction is good. The screenplay is also smooth. Doesnt lag at any point. The humor in the dialogues were a little less. But the thoughtful dialogues were good. One thing that stood out in “Swapna Sanchari” is Azhagappan’s Cinematography.

Performance wise, Jayaram has given his 100% to Ajayachandran Nair. I loved his performance towards the climax, especially combination scenes with Meera Nandan and that final song. Samvritha also did one more memorable worthy character. Innocent, Salim Kumar, Jayaraj Varrier and many others did their roles neatly in the movie. The girl who played the role of Jayaram’s daughter wasnt up to the standard.

Overall “Swapna Sanchari” is a typical Malayalam movie with family melodrama, social values and some natural fun element. Its a nice one time watch.

My Rating for Kamal-Gireesh kumar teams “Swapna Sanchari” is 3/5.

Final Thoughts

Overall "Swapna Sanchari" is a typical Malayalam movie with family melodrama, social values and some natural fun element.


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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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