bewakoofiyaan-movie-reviewHabib Faisal has previously written Do Dooni Chaar which discussed the financial issues of a middle class school teacher. When coming to Bewakoofiyaan I felt it like another version of DDC with less scope for a heart warming feel. Set in a realistic backdrop, movie manages to keep things in a comfortable zone for the viewers, but an unconvincing climax and certain mismatches in the equations of the lead pair pulls the movie back.

The story is about Mohit who just got a promotion in his Airlines Company as senior executive in marketing. His girlfriend Mayera asks him to talk to her father about their marriage. The difficulties Mohit had to face in creating an impression in front of Mayera’s father is the trigger point of the conflicts and many things subsequently happens which kind of makes Mohit’s life a mess. How he escapes from this situation and manages to succeed in his love story is what Bewakoofiyaan discussing.

The cool quotient which is somewhat the stamp of Ayushmann Khurrana is definitely there in the relationship of Mohit and Mayera and on those happy phases of their relationship that coolness really works. But the problem is when the struggle begins. Mayera looks so much positive and faithful at times where we expect a scratch and she suddenly becomes this silly stereo typed girl friend. Luckily there is Rishi Kapoor’s Sehgal who saves the movie from being totally illogical by creating some practical references. But much like the love birds, Sehgal Saab also transforms abruptly from being orthodox and sceptical to someone who acts like the master mind behind an unusual patch up. There is this realistic world around the characters which makes this movie a watchable one without any facepalm.

On screen we have three really good actors in this movie. Ayushmann Khurrana is really apt for the role and he uses his signature style in talking to pitch the attitude of Mohit correctly. Sonam is also comfortable as the cool girlfriend who sadly becomes not so cool because of the script. The performer was really Rishi Kapoor who never made his character unreal even though Sehgal’s identity was slightly eccentric.

In the making Nupur hasn’t done anything wrong in my view. The direction fizzles only in those areas where the script becomes unimpressive. Script was successful in narrating the flimy twists and turns of the movie but failed to utilize the inflation influence in romance. Dialogues are nice. The music was good but the songs weren’t placed correctly. Cinematography was nice.

Bewakoofiyan is a passable entertainer that won’t stress you with its less than 2 hours runtime. My rating is 2.5/5 for this Habib Faisal script.

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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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