biriyani-reviewThe most entertaining part of Venkat Prabhu’s Karthi starer Biriyani was the last two or three minutes where they show us the bloopers of the movie. I am not saying the movie was not at all fun, but it was in a kind of an awkward space where the director seems to be in a confusion whether to treat it as a spoof comedy or an action thriller with attitude humor. With a fare enough story with too fair females and usual ingredients of suspense thrillers, Biriyani is an average film which is watchable for its comedy factor.

Sugan and Parasuram are close friends from the childhood itself. Sugan is quite smart in creating an appealing impression on people, especially girls. One night after a boring party they decide to have a biriyani from any nearby place. But meeting a hot girl from there totally changes their life as the next morning, police pictured them as murderers of an industrialist. The events that lead to it, the back stories behind these actions and how both of them manage to escape from this trouble is what this 2 hours and 29 minutes long movie trying to convey.

There are a lot of spoof comedies and the out of the content references in the first half like dialogue references from other movies of the same director, actors communicating to audience and even at a tensed situation, Karthi is applying the epic “Ennachu..” dialogue to regain his memory. All these were really fun, but if they had maintained this style throughout the film, it would have been much better. But the transformation to a usual Tamil masala with predictable or rather “not so great” plot twists reduces its scope to entertain you thoroughly. The Premgi-Nassar mask act in the last quarter was too much to tolerate.

On screen, Karthi was really nice as the womanizer Sugan. Venkat Prabhu’s “Santhanam” ( not literally) Premgi Ameran offers some good laugh with his goofy character. Hansika is okay and Mandy Takhar has certainly done what she was asked for. Nassar, Sampath, Jayaprakash and many more are there in the star cast.

In the making side, Venkat Prabhu’s execution as always is less cliched and that helps the movie a lot. Scripting part is a bit formulaic. We have seen this sort of trap thrillers in the recent past and the uneven mix of comedy and fiery emotions was a problem. Cinematography is okay. Yuvan couldn’t meet the expectation with his tunes. Edits were good enough to keep the errors out of sight.

Overall, Biriyani is half baked and a bit old. But as the parcel contains some humor pickle, you wont feel that much of an indigestion. My rating for the movie is 2.5/5.

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