Walking with Dinosaurs

walking-with-dinosaurs-reviewThe impression the trailer created was a Wall E type silent narrative and when you start to hear voices expressing the feelings of the dinosaurs it will definitely take away the challenging part which we expected. But still the only thing that keeps you engaged in this less than 90 minutes cinema that goes through one phase of a dinosaur’s life is its narration which I just blamed in the first sentence. With an abrupt end as if the producer went bankrupt and a story line that doesn’t have any surprises, Walking with Dinosaurs heavily depends on its humorous background narration and thus becoming a disappointing experience.

The story here has Pachyrhinosaurus Patchi as the main character. The movie simply tells us how the relatively shy Patchi becomes the leader of his herd. The childhood where he helps his girlfriend from dangers and the adulthood where he leads his entire herd to safety is basically what the movie talking about.

The movie is not completely 3D as they have only created computer generated Dinosaurs and some vfx in certain sequences. After all these years of technical advancement, I still feel Spielberg’s Jurassic park showed better quality in terms of VFX. When coming to the content, there is nothing cool or surprising happening anywhere in the script which at certain angles reminds you of some instances in Ice Age saga. In fact they have roped in John Leguizamo (who gave voice for Sid in Ice Age)to do the voice over of the bird Alex in the movie.

The visual effects where pretty good but I couldn’t term it as stunning especially with Jurassic Park in the back of my mind. Edits weren’t that great as it showed same visuals at many instances. As I said earlier, its the dialogues written for the characters with references to modern day habits and custom which makes the movie watchable. Some nicely painted wide angle frames are there.

Overall, its a disappointing film. Kids will have a good time as all they want is some fun on screen, but for the adults who enjoy these animation comedies, it will be hard to find the x factor. My rating for Walking with Dinosaurs is 2/5.

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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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