The latest Adam Sandler film Blended is a harmless film that has a very predictable script with a lot of witty dialogs to keep you engaged. With very less melodrama peaking in, Blended is neither offending its viewer nor surprising them.

The story focuses on the incidents that happen after a disastrous blind date of Lauren and Jim. Lauren is a mother of two boys and she is detached from her husband and Jim is a father of three daughters who lost his wife to cancer. After the date both of them met again, this time along with family and on a room sharing scenario in south Africa to spend the summer vacation. The arena is set for the blending of similar families and how this works for these families is what Blended focusing.

There is nothing so special about the script of Blended. We have seen a lot of similar stories from Hollywood. What makes Blended a passable one is the reduction of melodrama from the content. With all those dialogs popping out at regular interval of time you won’t get bored for sure.

Adam Sandler is in a less energetic form and was comfortable playing the character. Charlie’s girl Drew Barrymore was really good in her character. Bella Throne was physically fit to play Larry. And I loved the small girl too. Rest of the cast were okay in their roles.

Direction is okay from Frank Coraci. As I said, the screenplay is very much predictable in terms of plot development. But they manage to make us feel comfortable with the cliché by improving the dialogues.  Cinematography was poor. Edits were fine.

Overall, Blended is a passable entertainer that falls into the average category. For those of you who scrolled down to this paragraph without giving a damn about what I wrote above – the rating is 2.5/5. BTW it was fun to see Dale Steyn in a Hollywood flick.

Final Thoughts


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Orange: The In-Between Ones

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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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