Well there isn’t much fun in narrating classic fairy tale in the same old way. With Maleficent Disney views the sleeping beauty from the antagonist’s perspective. By giving a positive backdrop to our title character they did manage to create a curiosity but as it goes to the familiar part of the story the film becomes unimpressive.

Maleficent was that likable fairy in her childhood and she meets Stefan during that time and the relationship grows. As they became matured the gap between them increased as the desires differed. One act by Stefan to fulfil his desire brings out the evil in Maleficent and sadly the curse was given to Stefan’s daughter. The movie mainly focuses on that phase were this child grows up.

As I said they built the arena in an interesting way which succeeds in establishing Maleficent as that likeable soul. Lack of screenplay in the growing period of the princess makes the movie underwhelming for a considerable time. The climax tweaks were nice which helps the screenplay to get back to that interesting phase, but still there was this lack of intensity.

Angelina Jolie has done a good job as our central protagonist. The expressions had that hidden concern and visible evilness. Elle Fanning was just okay as the princess. Sam Riley and Sharlto Coplay did their parts nicely.

The making was engaging in the first half with a lot of visual effects that showcases a bright fairy world. The direction couldn’t cover up dullness of the script in the later portion. Visual effects were good. The production design also showed quality.

Overall Maleficent is an average film that started off well as a unique perspective. I am giving it a 2.5/5. The re interpretation saves the movie from being a big bore. BTW little Aurora’s expressions were amazing.

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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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