Some of the recent mainstream Tamil movies like the GV Prakash films (as hero), recent Simbu films, Sundar C films etc. had these bizarre plot where the hero falls instantly for the heroine and the makers try to create a series of events over that fragile platform giving us a tough time to make sense of what is happening on screen. Bobby starring Niranj, son of Maniyan Pilla Raju is one such movie in my opinion. The progressive politics one would expect is definitely not the focus of this film.

Bobby is this 21 year old boy who was sent to seminary by his father. But the fun loving guy was thrown out of there. When he came back to his home he saw this girl named Maria who was 28 years old and was going through a relationship crisis. Bobby was attracted to her instantly and after a strange series of events, they ended up as a wedded couple and what happens after that due to the unconventional pairing is what Bobby talking about.

A boy meets a girl. Instead of having a simple attraction, he instantly falls for her. She is elder to him and he doesn’t have much idea about what kind of a person she is and after doing a lot of “helps” for her without her knowledge or consent, this stalker marries her 3 weeks after he saw her. Well if the director Shebi Chowghat was looking for a brainless comedy entertainer, I would have been a little bit okay with it. But when you look at the second half of the film, they are taking this story to a zone where we are supposed to take this romance seriously. My point of concern here is not the age, but it’s the sheer lack of connect between two people. Towards the climax when Bobby’s dad slaps him, you won’t feel any sympathy; in fact I was happy that somebody slapped such an irritating guy. Maria, who admits that she agreed to marry Bobby to prove a point to her ex, suddenly has feelings for Bobby who was acting like a pervert till that point. The problem here is the story that doesn’t make any sense.

Niranj made his debut playing a negative character in the movie black butterfly. For those who have seen him in that film, this character and the nature of the character would feel like an interesting one. He makes an impression only discretely. The writing is so amateur that the character itself is too hard to digest. Mia was fine in terms of performance. Saju Navodaya and Sinoj Varghese’s comedy works occasionally as the other serious things in the film doesn’t work for us. By the time you finish watching the film you will realize that Aju Varghese and Dharmajan were there in the movie in pointless roles. The only take away from this film is the performance of Shammy Thilakan in that scene where the father is talking about the concerns about his son.

Shebi who earlier made Plus 2 with Roshan Basheer and Shafna doesn’t seem to have improved much in writing and the only change is in the production quality. His writing is wayward and because of that whatever he has created on screen doesn’t have any impact emotionally. You can sense the twists and like I already said, the character of Bobby is really irritating. Please don’t think that this film is a progressive comedy as the hero and heroine share an unconventional age gap. The content here hardly speaks about it in the right way and the overall silliness is something that ridicules that concept. The music was good, but all the songs were abrupt. Edits weren’t that great and the visuals are average.

Bobby has a butt numbing two and half an hour duration which seems too much because of the fact that most of it was wasted over unwanted jokes and unconvincing character equations. Bobby is a movie as immature as the leading protagonist.

Rating: 1.5/5

Final Thoughts

Bobby has a butt numbing two and half an hour duration which seems too much because of the fact that most of it was wasted over unwanted jokes and unconvincing character equations.


Green: Recommended Content

Orange: The In-Between Ones

Red: Not Recommended


By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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