Honey Bee 2.5

Honey Bee 2.5 is that hastily made movie which doesn’t have a credible depth to its credit. It is narrated as the story of an aspiring actor who wants to become a hero, but the struggle the movie shows us is more of a momentary struggle rather than an actor’s real struggle. With a disappointing hero in the lead role and an outdated making style to its credit, Honey Bee 2.5 is quite disappointing.

Vishnu is this aspiring actor. He completed his acting course from Adayar institute and got selected by some directors. But unfortunately none of those films went on floor and his days weren’t going smooth. During another attempt, a director suggests him to go to the location of Honey Bee 2 and check whether he can get a role in that movie. Vishnu’s attempt to get a role in Honey Bee 2 and what all things happen during his efforts for that is what Honey Bee 2.5 talking about.

We have seen the movies of this format many times. The Mammootty starrer Best Actor was one such fine example. But while movies like that managed to linger to the core idea in a more engaging way, Honey Bee 2.5 is kind of struggling terribly in constructing a genuine story. People who may have no idea about how shooting happens will get a better picture about that part, thanks to the idea of the makers to shoot it on the location of an actual film. But apart from that aspect, there is hardly anything in this film to keep you invested. We get to see a guy constantly getting kicked out and Askar Ali hardly has the charm to make us feel for that character.

Asif Ali’s younger brother Askar Ali plays the hero in this movie and I must say it was an overconfident decision to cast him as an Adayar graduate. Apart from the good looks there isn’t much there in him. His emotions are limited and the dialogue delivery doesn’t have the ease. Lijomol on the other hand showed grace and kept the promise she showed in the first two films. Hareesh – Nirmal combo’s comedy is not in sync with the narrative. It is almost like those track comedy you see in Tamil films. Lal, Jean Paul Lal, Bhavana, Asif Ali and many others in the cast and crew of Honey Bee 2 are appearing as themselves in the movie.

Shyju Anthikad who earlier made a movie called Scene 1 Nammude Veedu is quite outdated in treating sequences. Those dialogues and sentimental scenes which we rarely go through in real life and nowadays make fun of for being cliché are there in his presentation. Beyond the sets of Honey Bee 2, this film looks extremely different. May be because of the contribution of Jean Paul Lal, the scenes within the shooting premises have less cheesy feel to its credit. The twists in the tale aren’t that surprising and we can somehow guess the end from the beginning itself. Cinematography was average and so were the cuts. Music by Deepak Dev was good and had his signature style.

Honey Bee 2.5 doesn’t connect with you emotionally because of the hurried nature of the movie. The aim was to show us the struggle of a passionate actor, but the movie on the whole lacks passion.

Rating: 2/5

Final Thoughts

The aim was to show us the struggle of a passionate actor, but the movie on the whole lacks passion.


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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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