bramman-movie-reviewAn atrocious analysis of sacrifice- that is what I can say about the latest Sasikumar starrer Bramman. The dialogue humors in the movie mainly by Santhanam and Soori keeps the movie alive at many occasions but the way the movie goes in to that Kadha Parayumbol / Kuselan mode is something totally crappy. On top of this all, we have a Sasikumar who looks like a total misfit for this kind of a role.

The story is about Siva who loves cinema and he is running a B class theater in Tamil Nadu. He has his friends to support him in this business but his family is not supportive. The commercial tax debt reaches a big amount and the authorities decide to take down the theater. Siva’s attempt to save the theater and the dramas that unfold during this mission is what Bramman discussing.

The first half of the movie is an average product that has enjoyable humor and unpleasant romance and songs. Its the second half that becomes a total non-sense.  At many occasions in the film the director has tried to advice the people about the hard work put behind each cinema, but looking at the way he made his character become a film maker in the second half you will tend to question Socrates’s love for cinema. At first, I thought they were trying to create a spoof of some modern trends in the industry but to my surprise, it was meant to be serious.  The friendship idea loosely based on Kadha Parayumbol was very baffled and the continuous appreciation of our hero towards the climax for his lame sacrifices is only worth yawning.

Sasikumar is a misfit as the hero. Looking at the requirements of this character, this man is a big compromise. No big emotions on his face and one can easily say why he performed well in Subramanyapuram. Lavanya Tripathi was nice even though her character was irrelevant. Two comedians were used for two halves of the film. Santhanam for the first half and Soori for the second half and they were the only real performers. Malavika did well as the sister.

Socrates does know how to handle humor, but fails miserably in creating sensible scenes. Script as I said does not have a clue on what to convey and how to convey. The exact focus of the movie is still something I can’t figure out. Dialogues also were shoddy. Cinematography by Jomon and Faizal Ali was nice. Edits were okay and the music was nice even though none of the song managed to get a smooth entry. Making Sasikumar fight like that made me close my eyes.

Bramman is a huge disappointment. Started as a usual Tamil film with song, humor, romance and sentiments but ended up as a disastrous mix of all. It has an adjustable first half and a ridiculous second half. My rating is 1.5/5 for Bramman.

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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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