Parayan Bakki Vechathu

Its a political thriller that lacks thrill and fire. Directed by Kareem, Parayan Bakki Vechathu is just a repeat telecast of many films we have seen in the past that includes the corruption and hidden agendas of bureaucrats and political parties. This film tries to incorporate latest developments in the political environment but the creative inclusion never tries to go beyond a peripheral level of preaching thus ending up as a below average product.

Emmanuel is convicted for a murder case and the judiciary has sentenced him to death as they found the case rarest of the rare. A look back to all the past incidents which shows us what made him the culprit and the untold truths behind this case is what Parayan Bakki Vechathu trying to picture.

Well the rarest of rare cases term in the final sentence definitely created a curiosity in me. But the whole conspiracy which lead to the murder of an innocent girl never looked like a rare murder. The plot started of as an anti communist film (against the present administration, not the ideology) but by the time it reaches the conclusion, left, right and even the neutral is visualized as selfish; taking the movie away from the political thriller genre. Power seeking political leaders, business giants trying to have financial control, the suppressed people protesting against them, a leader rising for them and the antagonist gang moving the pieces against this “Aam Aadmi” leader is the bone structure of the movie. When there is a Left Right Left which was one of the best political thrillers made in the recent past that included all the events and attitudes in an engaging story line, Parayaan Bakki Vechathu looks very thin.

Maqbool is not so pleasing as the hero Emmanuel. The actor’s dialogue tone suits the slightly moody character but expressions lacked fire. Siddique was once again very impressive as the retired comrade so was Mr. Sai Kumar. Anumol has very less to do and she gets a variety role (compared to the characters she has done so far). Irshad, Devika, Swasika, Bindu Panikkar, Sathar and many more actors are there in the star cast who did well in their roles.

Direction is slightly old school. Script as I said, fails to create a interesting story that has depth. Some catchy dialogues are there, but most of them were predictable. Cinematography from Madhu Ambat was really nice, especially in the first half. Music was below average. Edits were poor.

So the final verdict on Parayan Bakki Vechathu is that its a below average film. My rating is 2/5 for this political melodrama. What made me watch the movie was the filmography of both the production house and the cinematographer.

Final Thoughts

So the final verdict on Parayan Bakki Vechathu is that its a below average film.


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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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