Captain America : The winter soldier

Captain America : The winter soldier

Captain America : The winter soldier is a winner because of its attempt to do something different from the usual superhero saviour act. With the Winter soldier, Marvel finally gives a focus on S.H.I.E.L.D which gives Samuel L Jackson that super coordinator role in the avengers franchise. And they have rightly chosen the best guy to be the center of attraction here: Captain Steve Rogers.

Plot here has our captain America trying to cope with the latest life style. The captain is asked for a suspicious mission by Nick Fury. Mysteries starts to build around Nick and Shield and a series of attack against Nick leaves the captain in a position where he needs to dig in to the reality of what SHIELD is. The rectification process of SHIELD lead by Captain, Black Widow and falcon is the soul of Captain America : the winter soldier.

The movie starts off on that witty knot where you get to see the captain trying to cope with the latest way of living and all. What really impressive about this Captain America movie is its content that adopts very less from typical notions of super hero films. The CG work is given less emphasis and we do get to see some fair amount of physical tussle between the rivals. Captain has certain personal weaknesses and screenplay and that twist in the tale uses it effectively.

The making is pretty good and the Russo’s has treated the content without any dullness. Their idea to give less visual dominance to visual effects also works for the movie in getting a fresh feel. Screenplay is engaging. The story idea that worked on the back stories of Captain America and SHIELD has really opened up the scope for Avengers to go for interesting operations in the future. The cool feel we used to get in the Iron Man series was there in this one. Cinematography was pretty good. Visual effects as I said was less predominant but still excellent. Impressive background score and a slightly dizzy edit.

On screen Chris Evans was cool as Captain America. Yes, I said cool and the Captain has that shade with this one. Scarlett Johansson also shines as black widow. Anthony Mackie was good in his falcon avatar. Sebastian Stan was a worthy antagonist. Samuel L Jackson finally gets to do something more with Nick Fury.

So to sum it up, Captain America The Winter Soldier is a must watch for Marvel lovers. Fun, freshness and fantasy are mixed perfectly in this captain America movie. My rating is 4/5. Don’t forget to watch the post credit scene btw.


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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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