cukoo-movie-reviewThe beauty of Cukoo lies in its innocence. With an emotionally high climax that has extraordinary performance from the leading man Attakathi Dinesh, Cukoo reaches its destination safely. Very fewer exaggerations compared to conventional Tamil film making and less melodramatic approach to the soul of the movie helps Cukoo in taking us along with it in this emotional journey.

It’s the story of a blind couple who fell in love. Both Thamizh and Sudhanthirakodi belong to the struggling lower class of the society. The movie discusses the issues this couple had to go through before they could enter into a new life together. The route map up to the relationship, the way the romance blossoms, the obstructions they had to face and the ironies in it which kept them away from one another etc are the segments of this love story.

Fundamentally it is a love story and the movie never goes to that typical Tamil cinema way of depicting romance with the filmy exaggerations. The film easily takes us to that world of the blinds. One thing I liked about the director’s approach to the story was that he never created any scene that appeal for our sympathy towards these people for their limitations. Instead, Raju Murugan has tried to show us the confidence with which they live their life. A fair enough love story was conveyed in the first half and the second half was trying to show us the irony in faith which kept them away even when they were so close to one another. Some humour track and songs didn’t really sync in with the film even though they were better than some totally commercial romantic comedies.

Director Raju Murugan has tried to keep it real to the core. Those scenes in the climax which happens inside Pune railway station were really touching. Screenplay doesn’t go for any innovative approach towards the content, but the director has tried to give a fresh feel by adding himself into the plot as a narrator. Cinematography was good. Music was nice.

On screen Attakathi Dinesh excels as Thamizh. The character moulding was done perfectly and the actor was exceedingly good in that climax sequence. On a comparative scale she may be behind Dinesh, but Malavika Nair also put up an impressive slice of acting on screen.  The other actors who played minor roles also kept a good standard.

Cukoo is a heart warming experience. It takes a relevant topic that discusses the romance between two minds that has nothing to do with the flush in a very appropriate way. The rating is 3.5/5 for Cukoo.

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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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