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Cinema Company from director Mamas is an impressive creation from a neutral point of view. In a generation obsessed with cinema in a passionate way, the topic has its relevance. But some unwanted inclusion of baseless myth towards the end makes the movie a disturbing one. The structural similarity with some other movies is also a down side of the movie.
The story is about four friends who live with a great passion for cinema. Paul, Parvathy, Panikker and Fazal are the main protagonists. Paul is an aspiring actor and currently a bank employee. Parvathy is a music addict. Panikker loves direction and makes short films. Fazal is a writer who writes worthy things for his satisfaction and at the same time writes low level literature for food. Once, a debutant director lashes out at these four passionate film aspirants for criticizing his film. Panikker who was really passionate about making his own movie becomes really upset about the remarks made by the debutant director, decides to make a movie. He was able to convince his friends about his idea. How the four member gang fulfills their dream with so many emotional and financial obstacles in front of them is the core of Cinema Company.
The loop holes in the script are compensated by some neat making. The first half of the movie is in fact very much enjoyable. Even the non practical situations looked possible with its down to earth narration. There isn’t any laugh out loud jokes in the movie. But still the movie gives something for the audience to have a cheerful face in the first half. The second half of the movie gets tangled with the emotional side of each character. The so called TWIST about one of the four member gang wasn’t that impressive. For a movie that was meant for inspiring talents, such a myth aided climax was not a satisfying one.
Performance wise, the new faces are really impressive and Mamas can take a lot of credit for this casting. There are flaws here and there. Considering the debut many of the modern day stars, these young guns will get more charming exposures. Veterans like Lalu Alex, Kottayam Naseer and Baburaj etc also excelled in their roles.
In the technical side, direction of Mamas has shown some good amount of increase. Mamas who is basically from the animation field has used animation’s help in the narration in an impressive way. The script is just above average. The whole structure of the movie has similarity with the Farhan Akthar starrer Rock On. Friendship, dream, passion, efforts, break down over personal egos, personal tragedies and finally getting back together to complete the dream. Vineeth Sreenivasan’s first directorial venture Malarvadi was also an adaptation of Rock On. Unlike Vineeth, Mamas has copied only the soul. Camera work of Jibu Jacob is impressive. The Thick Rap song is a variety. The title song also is a good one.
The controversial Prithviraj portion is indeed a flaw from the director. There is nothing wrong in creatively criticizing an artist. Udayananu Thaaram teased many stars. But the method of teasing was in a mature way. The failure of Padmasree Bharath Dr Saroj Kumar was also because of its personal attack on Mohanlal. The insult on Prithviraj was kind of fair at the beginning. But as the situation moved on it went to an unwanted level. The off screen image of the star might help the director in winning some hearts. But whether this should be encouraged or not is a question to be answered by the audience.
Overall, Cinema Company from Mamas is an impressive attempt. I would have given a 3 if the director was able to pull out a better climax. I am giving 2.5/5 for this attempt. It’s not a crap, boring movie. If you are passionate about movies, this one has its moments to entertain you.

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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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