Ice Age 4- Continental Drift

Ice Age 4 is a total fun filled entertainer not just for kids but for all ages. No great deviation from the main soul and plot of the movie. But the funny interpretation of the phenomenal continental drift was really impressive. Packed with quality humor and animation, this movie is a superb package.

The story basically revolves around the new interpretation of continental drift. This time also the squirrel Scrat is the main navigator of the story. On his hunt for that Acorns the land Pangaea breaks apart and the continents were formed. During the drift, our leading Protagonist Manny the mammoth is taken away from his wife and daughter. He is accompanied by his friends, sloth Sid, Diego and Sid’s grandmother. How Manny gets back to his wife and land from the vast ocean and the traps in them is the main soul of the movie.

Just like its prequels, here also the head of the laughter riot is Sid. His sweet and simple idiotic nature gives us a whole lot of instances to ROFL. The laughter is enhanced with the entry of Sid’s grandmother. Diego also gives us instances for standard jokes. Unlike its prequels, Manny is a bit more serious as he is a father of a young Mammoth Peaches. His concerns for his daughter are also very interesting. The agony of a modern day father can be seen in a sweet way when he becomes concerned about his daughter who is attracted to another Mammoth Athen. The emotions of Louis are also really catchy. Even though the character and his emotions are cliche, the type of interpretations makes that portion interesting. Captain Gutt is not a mere Monkey. He and his gang are a worthy disturbance.

Technically, the animation of the movie is simply brilliant. 3D has been used to a good extent. The script deserves thumbs up for its never dragging flow. Even the emotional scenes were handled beautifully with embedded situational jokes. Direction is also really impressive. Dialogs are really cool. “Who says old women can’t drive?”, “You know the life extension of a sloth?” etc are some of the coolest dialogs. The scene were Sid communicates with Hyraxes is also another ROFL sequence.

Over all Ice age 4 is a super cool, clean and class entertainer. Laugh out loud with some healthy jokes. I am giving 4/5 for this unlimited fun package.

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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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