The VISHU release COBRA directed by Lal is a let down in one word. It is supposed to be fun film. But apart from a few dialogues here and there and some counter dialog jokes, there isnt any great deal of fun in the movie. The story is about twin brothers, KOBRA (Kottayam Brothers, Koyambathur Brothers etc, name changes according to placeĀ  ).

Raja and Kari are the KOBRAs. KOBRA’s were born in Malaysia. At the time of their birth there happens a terrorist attack the hospital. In the chaos, one of the baby in the twins got changed. And thus rises the current KOBRA (Co Brothers..). At present they are boxers. During a real estate deal KOBRAs meets this guy Alex Samuel (Lalu Alex) and ends up in deciding to marry the daughters of Samuel, Sherly and Annie. Their efforts to convince Samuel for this proposal, trying to create an impression in-front of Annie and Sherly, how they help Samuel in his failed hospital business and how the REALITY behind the brothers comes into play is all about the movie.

The direction style of Lal has shown some considerable amount improvement in visualization. But in making a comedy movies with some sense, I am sorry to say he has failed. He was behind many great comedy classics of Malayalam and the story line of KOBRA never really comes up to those standards. The screenplay is average. There wasnt a smoothness for screenplay in the first half. Almost like watching a Telugu Super hero movie (I am talking about Screenplay). The ending of first half was a total downer. In the second half, the movie becomes a little serious and emotional. The screenplay in the first half was not enough to make the audience as emotional as the brothers.

Two things I felt really good about the movie are the Cinematography and BGM. Overall Venu’s cinematography was good and the climax fight picturization was super cool. Lal can also take a bow for this, as he is the creative head. BGM by Deepak Dev suites the style of the movie. The editor also deserves an appreciation for slicing the fights to perfection. Even though Lal has given Alex Paul one more chance to get back in to the music world, Alex Paul hasnt made any great change in his style.

In the performance side, The leads and supporting cast have done a neat job in the comedy avatars. But the usual style was there in each character. Lal’s character is almost a modern replica of is Sathyan in “Thommanum Makkalum”. Mammooty’s Sivadas Naidu will surely remind you “Chattambi naadu”. Salim Kumar with his usual EXPRESSIVE and DESCRIPTIVE comedy and Maniyanpilla Raju in a not so familiar comedy getup. Lalu Alex has done his part neatly. The two females in the movie doesnt have much to do.

Overall, KOBRA doesnt live up to its expectation. Fun element is there for sure, but its not enough. I am giving 2/5 for Lal’s KOBRA.

Final Thoughts

COBRA doesnt live up to its expectation. Fun element is there for sure, but its not enough.


Green: Recommended Content

Orange: The In-Between Ones

Red: Not Recommended


By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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