“MayaMohini” directed by Jose Thomas and scripted by the Masala hit makers Udhayakrishna – Sibi K Thomas is a movie that has nothing extra than a typical malayalam comedy entertainer. The long gap between Christian Brothers and MayaMohini havent made the super hit screen writers to think something out of their safe zone.

Its the story of Balakrishnan, played by Biju Menon a young blood looking for business ventures and fails to make them successful. In his journey he meets a mumbai based Business Tycoon, Raj Pattala and decides to have a business association with him. During the course he falls in love with Pattala’s daughter Maya and runs away from Mumbai to settle in Kerala. Some unfortunate incidents in their first night together makes Maya leave Kerala next morning itself. Now Balakrishnan needs a wife to present a wife in-front of his family to get some share from his Heirloom so that he can clear his debts from the failed businesses.And thus comes, MAYAMOHINI… Balakrishnan’s wife. The past and present of Mohini is the suspense elemnt of the cinema.

In the on screen side, Biju Menon as Balakrishnan and Baburaj as his close friend Advct Lakshmi Narayanan rocked the theater with their natural humor. It seems like the time of Baburaj, his natural slang and serious looks are adding more fun to the scenes. Everyone is praising Dileep’s Mayamohini avatar, but apart from the makeup and getup there wasnt much to boast about Dileep as Mayamohini. Dileep has always delivered variety characters and this one is definitely a variety. If you compare this character with characters in Kunjikoonan and Chanthupotu, this one comes no where near them. One surprise is Mr Spadikam George with his comic avatar. Mythili was convincing and Lakshmi Rai was disappointing. Rest of the cast also delivered a descent performance.

Technically, Jose Thomas has converted the script in to a commercial masala movie. Script, what else you can expect from the masala makers, U-S has made one more script with 100% preference to comedy-masala entertainment. Upto the intro of Dileep, the movie’s jokes were CLEAN. After that it was difficult to find a neat joke. A series of non veg double meaning jokes are there. At first you wont mind these jokes, becoz its an entertainer. But the overdoze of that is a little alarming. Almost like malayalam movies trying to copy Aneez Bazmee- Sajid Khan type comedy. After all its a family movie, not a boys hostel. Special mention for the makeup man for making Dileep look stunning. Loved his look towards the interval and I would like to see him in a similar get up in some other movie. Pat on the back for showing the people behind the cinema during the titles.

Overall MAYAMOHINI delivers what was expected from it. Dont take your brains and ethics to the theater. I am giving a 2.5/5 for MAYAMOHINI (Upto 3 is justifiable)… Its just fun!!

Final Thoughts

MAYAMOHINI delivers what was expected from it. Dont take your brains and ethics to the theater.


Green: Recommended Content

Orange: The In-Between Ones

Red: Not Recommended


By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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