Commando 2

Commando starring Vidyut Jamwal was one movie that was solely made with the intention of catering action to the audience. Content was never the king in that film. The latest film Commando 2: The black money trail, in a way justifies the content scarcity of this franchise. Trying to capitalize on the present demonetization issues and nationalistic sentiments in a shoddy way, Commando 2 is a film you will laugh at.

Captain Karanvir Singh is in the intelligence now. After the demonetization, all the major black money holders are in alarm. Vicky Chadda is an NRI who takes care of the illegal funds of all these people and Taiwan police has arrested him. The movie focuses on the inner games that get played during the process of getting Vicky to India from Taiwan. Our hero is in the team that is assigned to bring Vicky back to India. What all happens in that journey is what Commando 2 trying to show us.

The film’s story credit is given to Suresh Nair who wrote that True Lies inspired tacky Malayalam movie Laila O Laila. Some of the sophistication given to the intelligence wing and its strategies in LOL was bizarre and laughable and in the case of Commando 2 as well this amateurishness is clearly visible. Same old tactics, predictable twists, cheesy dosage of patriotism and blatant worshipping of government policies make the movie look like a hastily made film. The only thing that will make you want to watch Commando 2 is the action in the film and to be honest that part is also underwhelming. The staged feel was there to every action sequence. The sensibility of the proceedings in the story is also really questionable.

Vidyut Jamwal isn’t a great actor when it comes to depicting emotions. He doesn’t have the grace in emotional portions and dialog bazi. Adah Sharma was Poora failure. Her overacting and annoying dialogues can only give you headache. Esha Gupta has a key role in the film, but her performance is underwhelming. Freddy Daruwala who played Vidyut Jamwal’s role in Thuppakki’s Hindi version Holiday, plays the role of ACP Bakhtawar and the guy is expressionless. Shafali Shah makes an extended special appearance in her home production.

Deven Bhojani is the director of the film and he has made the movie look like a really old school film. Nothing was done to reduce the cheesiness of the narrative and with content that looks like an amalgamation of all the existing formulas, Commando 2 looks extremely dull. The dialogues were poor. Cinematography and edits were average. Luckily there were no songs and that “commando” BGM score sounds really pathetic.

Action was supposed to be the USP of Commando 2. But that department fails to impress the way it did in the last time. With poor performances and flawed script making things even bad, Commando 2 is a silly film.

Rating: 1.5/5

Final Thoughts

With poor performances and flawed script making things even bad, Commando 2 is a silly film.


Green: Recommended Content

Orange: The In-Between Ones

Red: Not Recommended


By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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