Commando- A One Man Army

Hyped very much for its real action sequences portrayed by the central protagonist Played by Vidyut Jamwal, Commando- A One Man Army is a movie that fails to add substance into a thread that had the USP of using the concept of commando and a main actor who can do something terrific with his Karate skills. Starting off in a huge canvas, Commando restricts itself to a simple and predictable fight over a girl and ends up as a below average work.

The movie revolves around commando Karan who was arrested by the Chinese when the helicopter carrying him was crashed near the border. Accused of being an Indian spy, the Indian government officials remove all his records and leave him in the hands of the Chinese. Karan manages to escape from the Chinese nearly after one year and happens to meet a girl in a bus station who was being followed by a local politician and his henchmen. The girl asks Karan to take care of her as he has made the scene more complicated. The entire story is about the cat and mouse game between the two sides.

Well, it’s a story that could have been treated in a wider canvas. The power of commando and the level of action demand a theme that needs a global or political level attention. The patriotic or preachy dialogs of the hero towards the climax after saving his girl weren’t enough to show the value of a commando. Restricting the theme to a simple love story takes away the charm from the movie and the script starts to look like an attempt to embed stunts. The occasional fight sequences that has Vidyut Jamwal’s skills written all over it covers the simplicity of the plot to a large extent.

On screen, the challenge for Vidyut is not as an actor. On the acting side he is largely in the cool shade, but the guy has done some stunning stunts to make us go wow. Pooja Chopra tries her best to portray the bubbly and bold Simran and ends up in making us think about Kareena of Jab We Met (That was much better). Jaideep Ahlawat impresses the audience with his antagonist avatar AK.

The direction isn’t that fresh and the story is simple and predictable. The dialogs are cool enough to give the required color to the protagonist and antagonist. The screenplay kind of drags in the middle portions and the placement of songs were awkward. Edits required a bit more attention in some of those action sequences. Photography is convincing and the stunts are stunningly real. BGM is satisfactory and the music is hummable but isn’t that catchy.

Overall Commando is a compromised content. If they were able to treat the complete movie similar to the first 15 minutes, things would have been impressive. I am giving 2/5 for this action film. Watch it only for Vidyut Jamwal.

Final Thoughts

Commando is a compromised content. If they were able to treat the complete movie similar to the first 15 minutes, things would have been impressive.


Green: Recommended Content

Orange: The In-Between Ones

Red: Not Recommended


By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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