oblivion-reviewOblivion from director Joseph Kosinski is a movie that is narrated typically, elevated smoothly and ends impressively. Even though the story has resemblance with many other films that has similar look and feel, the convincing climax makes the movie a good watch at the end of the day.

The story is set in 2077 and the plot revolves around Jack Harper whom along with partner Victoria is on duty to protect the hydro rigs from the scavengers aka scavs. At present the earth is a totally demolished place after a particular alien invasion that happened 60 years ago. Rest of the humanity is in Titan; the moon of Saturn and the hydro Rigs are extracting vital resources from the earth’s surface to meet the needs in Titan. With only a few days to complete their duty, Jack who is haunted by a dream where he sees a girl, gets a chance to meet the same girl when the spaceship carrying her crash lands in his territory. After the entry of the girl a lot of things happen that literally shackles everything Jack believed in and slowly he realizes everything. The fight back of Jack along with the remaining humanity to retrieve the earth from The Tet is what basically Oblivion all about.

The script does have a cliche feel when we look at its structure. But the treatment keeps the movie alive. Around 60% of the story is a typical yet engaging narration. The screenplay gets the required kick only after Jacks meeting with Mr. Beech. The gentle acceleration towards the climax makes us smile even though there a few portions that are slightly dragging.

On screen, Tom Cruise is comfortable as Commander Jack. Morgan Freeman has relatively less onscreen time, but he has done the part nicely. The female leads Olga Kurylenko and Andrea Riseborough also have done their job nicely.

In the making, director Kosinski well known for his film Tron Legacy has done the making in similar fashion. He has tried to showcase the scenario’s seriousness by making the entire visuals in an agonizingly deserted feel with real life monuments and places. The screenplay is predictable and gently paced in the first half and starts to show some excitement in the second half. Some loose ends are there which aren’t conveyed clearly. Dialogs aren’t charming. The cinematography is a pleasing one with required impact and the visual effects also kept the standard.
The background score is indeed an impressive one.

Overall Oblivion is not up to the expectations, but still an enjoyable experience. I am giving 3/5 for this Tom Cruise starrer. It’s a slightly derailed sci-fi thriller.

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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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