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D-Company-reviewBy the time you finish watching the long and tiring Vinod Vijayan movie the day of judgment, the chances of you forgetting the fact that you watched two other films in the first half is definitely there in the case of the latest anthology experiment D Company. Cut down to 3 films from its actual goal of 5, D Company is a lame attempt to create an action anthology.

The film comprises of three movies directed by Padmakumar, Diphan and Vinod Vijayan respectively. Oru Bolivian diary is a tale that narrates the story of a tribal Chinnan and his selfless attempt to save the life of a communist activist Chowkidar who came to Chinnan’s village to motivate the tribes to ask for their rights. The second film Gangs of Vadakkunnathan narrates the tactics of a crooked police officer to solve a murder investigation that also goes on to investigate about the illegal money in our economy. The third film the day of judgment traverses through one particular phase of a young doctor’s life where he was taken to a police station for interrogation after a dead body was found in his apartment.

Oru Bolivian diary kind of fizzles away with its predictability or rather lack of surprise. Even with communism being the centre of attraction, the film written by G S Anil fails to create any kind of Goosebumps in the audience. Gangs of Vadakkunnathan was the better one in my perspective as it was able to deliver some amount of mere commercial entertainment. The typical Anoop Menon dialogs with abundant adult content and sarcasms in a way fits the movie and makes it a watchable one. The day of judgment starring Fahadh Faasil almost looks like a re edited version to extend the run time of the total film. The idea was somewhat cool, but the execution needed aggression and pace. But with uncut long shots and uneven edits that confuses the timeline for the viewer; the movie becomes a tiring experience.

On screen, Asif Ali was good in his role as Chinnan, but Samudrakkani only had that attire of a leader. Anoop Menon as usual played his character with that typical style of his. Jayasurya was really cool as Jaison. Unni Mukundan once again was reduced to just looks. Irshad and Deepak were also convincing. Fahadh performed the role of Dr Sunil really well. Bhama’s performance was really annoying. Tanushree Ghosh was ok in her character.

In the making, Padmakumar has followed his Shikkar style and G S Anil can’t really make an impact on the viewer. The cinematography was a pleasing one and the art direction also was cool. Gangs of Vadakkunnathan was safe in the hands of Diphan as it suited his style of making. Anoop menon has made some real life character references in the movie and it would be interesting to see if we can hear any comments from the social circle. The day of judgment was really a failure of both director and editor. They took too much time to establish something that was compact.

Overall D Company is a letdown. Two films that needed longer run time to establish the plot firmly were given shorter duration and one film that needed pace was running out of fuel. My rating is 2/5 for D Company. The day of judgment may entertain you when you watch it on dvd as you have the choice of fast forwarding and pausing.

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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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