Sringara-Velan-reviewThis is what will eventually happen to any particular formula when it’s used frequently. May be the financial success of even their most bizarre entertainer have made writer duo Udaykrishna Siby K Thomas to take the audience for granted. Sringaravelan is an annoying formula that fails to entertain its audience with its content. Coming from the same team that created Mayamohini, director Jose Thomas can’t handle this clichéd drama that just doesn’t seem to end.

Kannan studied fashion designing and is not that interested in helping his father in the handloom business. The guy who wants to become a billionaire in quick time decides to go behind girls with rich parents. During this time he happens to go to a palace where his father had some privileges. Some unfortunate incidents force him to stay in the palace for two more weeks. The drastic changes that happens in Kannan’s life after this particular event is the main focus of this dull festival entertainer.

Much like Mr Marumakan, Kaaryasthan and Mayamohini, Uday-Siby plants their main protagonist in that unfocused or financially screwed position. And then the character is moved to another plot ( palace here). In that plot you will get to see a grandfather and grandmother who are living with pain. The hero is falling in love with the grand child of these grandparents. The back and forth dramas. The ‘smart’ tricks of hero to get/save the girl. The friends of the hero who will always be around him to create mess of a situation and also to entertain the audience with some counter jokes. Finally everything comes to the marriage where the muscle power will decide the winner. If you can check the filmography of Uday-Siby duo, it’s quite clear from where they have taken the situations of Sringaravelan.

On screen, Dileep is ok in his role. That scene just before the interval where he imagines about getting killed was bizarre. Kalabhavan Shajon was pleasing. The guy who really offered anything to laugh was Lal in his role as Yesu (even though the character was totally irrelevant). Joy Mathew was convincing with his looks but when it came to dialogs he couldn’t get that required attitude. Nedumudi Venu was good. Baburaj was there in a wasted role. They spoiled Ukken Tintu. The heroin Vedhicka was just about ok. Lots of other characters are there in the cast.

In the making Jose Thomas has failed to handle the content that required a director’s polishing to avoid typical feel. The script as I said is the assembled version of the writer duo’s previous films. The laughable humor is only there in the first quarter of the movie, after that it’s all irritating jokes. Audience was howling for many of the “funny” sequences in the second half. By the time the hero enters that Puthiyamukham style heroism, you will feel exhausted. Some songs are pleasing. BGM of Rajamani lacked that kick. Cinematography is on the average side.

Overall, the latest permutation and combination of the hit machines is a dull product. Onam releases continue their consistency and my rating for Sringaravelan is a 2/5. If you think Mr Marumakan is enjoyable, you will feel satisfied.

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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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