D-Dayl-reviewIt’s something that you wish to see happen. Director Nikhil Advani makes a strong come back to the industry with a thrilling film that touches your emotions. D-Day is a gripping thriller that has its depth and detail to convince you completely. With solid performances and perfect making to backup the “mission impossible” idea, this movie is right on the money.

The movie is basically about the well planned unofficial mission of RAW to take down India’s most notorious gangster who is there in Karachi under the Pakistan government’s protection.  Ashwini Rao, the chief of RAW is on his final mission to take down the mighty gangster Iqbal Seth aka Goldman who has always been the reason behind most of the terror attacks in India. With a team who are ready to give their life to accomplish this mission, D-Day is a thrilling ride that narrates the happenings before and after operation Goldman.

What is exciting is the way they have constructed the mission. Every character is given a clear backdrop and with Wali Khan having a family, the degree of selflessness is shown impressively. Even with a one hour long narration, the makers have managed to make the audience feel the long preparation done by the people involved in setting up this mission. The film also talks from the antagonist’s side as he is a key man in the plot. With Iqbal Seth pitying the chance giving judiciary and social setup that just knows to make news when it comes to acting strongly against terrorism, D-Day manages to express that anger in every one of us.

The direction from Nikhil Advani is pretty pleasing and he has kept things in that raw tone, which was quite necessary. The script is quite engaging throughout. The emotional backdrop of the characters never goes into a melodramatic level to spoil the fun and yet it never loses its intensity. The ideas like the Alvida song needs to be appreciated for its variety. Excellent cinematography by Tushar Kanti Ray and the edits were also quite impressive. The visual effects part was also pretty cool. Impressive music from Shankar Ehsaan Loy and the background scores were also really good.

In the performance side, Rishi Kapoor shines as Iqbal Seth. The actor showed that attitude throughout the film and gave that required deadliness to his character. Irrfan Khan was a delight to watch as he gets in to the skin of the character so easily with his typical style. Arjun Rampal, Huma Qureshi, Nasser and Shruthi Haasan were also good in their roles. One surprise performer was Shriswara in her role as Wali Khan’s wife Nafisa.

Overall D-Day is that fantasy patriotic action film which you will surely like for various reasons. It’s a fiction with depth and sensibility. My rating is 4/5 for this Nikhil Advani venture. Let’s hope that the climax of the movie will happen pretty soon.

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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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