Ramaiya Vastavaiya

ramaiya-vastavaiya-reviewOnce upon a time there was brother and sister who loved each other very much. One day the girl meets a boy and they fell in love. The boy’s parents do not allow them to get married but the boy decides to fight against these objections and the story goes on. If you don’t have any issue in seeing such childish narratives in silver screen, Ramaiya Vastavaiya will entertain you for sure. Sadly I couldn’t enjoy this immature piece of craft. The original version, Nuvvostanante Nenoddantana itself was an amalgamation two Hindi blockbusters Maine Pyar Kiya and Pyar Kia Toh Darna Kya; and we will surely won’t feel any sort of improvement while watching this film.

The plot here revolves around the three protagonists Ram, Sona and Raghu. Sona is Raghu’s one and only sister and he loves her very much. For Sona also the feelings are very much the same. Raghu allows Sona to go to her best friend’s wedding two weeks prior to the function and there Sona meets this NRI boy Ram. They both fall in love, but the disrespect given to Raghu by Ram’s parents complicates things. The movie is basically about the events that happen after this. How Ram manages to convince Raghu that he really loves Sona, the challenges he has to face and how ultimately he wins this battle is what it’s all about.

While Sajid Khan tried to make a spoof through Himmatwala on these outdated melodramatic sentimences, Prabhudeva is still serious about it. The old fashioned mother in law type complex, emotional attachment of girl towards a toy that her brother gave, the hero understanding the value of the toy and risking his life to save it from getting damaged, hero’s struggle to impress his love’s brother by compromising his life styles; all these archaic ideas of depicting true love just doesn’t seem to have any impact. The movie just goes on and on in that predictable plot.

It is really sad to see an actor like Nassar doing a Buffoon like character that is so disturbing. The debutant Girish Kumar is a confused face. He was not at all cheerful and those emotional sequences were also unimpressive. Shruthi Hassan doesn’t have many complications in portraying this sweet girl character. Sonu Sood was also good in his brother role. Randhir Kapoor, Satish Shah and Vinod Khanna also did their part in this indigestible romantic comedy.

In the making, the direction is pretty much outdated. Nothing fresh or sensible is there in the making to improve the content. Screenplay is predictable and lame. Dialogs are charmless.  Cinematography and edits are ok. The only thing that works in this film is the music from duo Sachin-Jigar. Even the dance numbers in the film were quite disappointing in terms of choreography.

Overall, Ramaiya Vastavaiya is that exaggerated comedy that won’t please someone who has seen sensible romantic comedies in the recent past. My rating is 1.5/5 for this movie. It’s an irritating experience.

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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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