Directed by Sam Anton, the horror comedy Darling starring G V Prakash Kumar and Nikki Galrani is just a usual Ghost story mixed with jokes that partially looks fresh. With a tedious story, the content goes on and on without much relevance and thus darling loses its grip and ends up as a disappointment.

The story is about the three friends and one more person they find during their journey. All of them want to die because of the setbacks they faced in life.  For Kathir (hero) its love failure, for Nisha (heroine) it is problems in her family, for Kumaran it is his friendship and for Athisaya Raj the reason once again is love failure.  With all of them planning to commit suicide by going to a haunted villa, the scene becomes darker. How they deal with the presence of the ghost and how they escape from there is what darling talking about. I know it is not the exact story, but just hiding the spoilers.

I was expecting a variety from the usual horror flicks and sadly, the humor that comes along with the narration was not enough to make the movie a variety. A cheesy backstory for the central character and a not so mind-blowing plan to get him out of the mess becomes a bit torturing when the screenplay just repeats the sequences. In addition, to make it worse, we have a climax that is the same old revenge seeking ghost and the protagonists helping the ghost in this mission. The only saving factor of the movie is the humor mainly handled by Bala Saravanan.

G V Prakash Kumar seems to be a miscast for the character of Kathir. In the story he is shown as a heartthrob who could not recognize the love of Nisha and I wonder how many of you will find that as a sensible casting. As the depressed hero, he was nice. Nikki Galrani was good in her character. Special appreciation to Bala Saravanan for bringing some life into the film. Karunas was largely annoying.

Sam Anton’s direction is not that great. Tamil cinema has seen many variety horror films in the recent past and this one lacks freshness in terms of treatment and content. The screenplay is tedious and you will not believe that the movie is just 2 hours long. Humor was good. Cinematography was nice. Nothing great about G V Prakash Kumar’s music this time. Edits were good. Visual effects were also good.

Overall Darling is the same old horror story that fails to impress you. The rating for G V Prakash Kumar’s debut film as an actor is 2/5. Darling is better than Aambala which released along with it and I.

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By Aswin Bharadwaj

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