Dolly Ki Doli

Dolly Ki Doli directed by Abhishek Dogra is a half baked cinema with an easily predictable story and a whole lot of witty moments. Making it an extension of Habib Faizal’s last venture Daawat E Ishq, this looteri dulhan story also focuses on the cheating done by the leading lady using marriage as a tool. With harmless humor sprayed all over it, Dolly Ki Doli is a watchable flick.

Dolly is a young girl whom along with her “family” loots high profile families by marrying their sons. The gang has made it a habit and it is giving the police a headache. The movie basically focuses on the attempt of a police inspector to find Dolly and also the attempts of two of the fooled grooms to get her back. How they did it and what made Dolly do all this stuff is what Dolly ki Doli telling us.

Even though it is not a non sense story, a lot of things doesn’t make much of a sense. The degree of the crime done by Dolly and the gang his comparatively on the higher side and I can’t understand the reason why the police couldn’t lock her up as all the weddings looked like a less researched and shallowly executed ones. As I said, it is the natural humor in the dialogues that saves the movie from being nonsensical and in a way that saves the movie by not letting the viewer think more about the possibilities of the story.

Sonam Kapoor did well as the con artist Dolly. Rajkumar surprised me with his dance, the language and attitude. Pulkit Samrat wasn’t that great as Robin Singh, and I felt he was imitating Salman Khan in an award night with the fake mustache, cooling glass and all. Varun Sharma did his part nicely as the nerd.  Rest of the cast also did their characters nicely.

Abhishek Dogra has managed to keep the movie in the light zone without giving much room for filmy drama. The lack of research into the script to make it a totally convincing idea makes the movie less appealing. Dialogues were pretty good, especially the ones with humor. Cinematography and edits are in the okay side. I liked a few songs like the item number and the “Mere Naina..” song.

Overall Dolly Ki Doli is not a disappointing film, but it is also not a totally pleasing entertainer. With exactly 100 minutes of run time, this small film from Arbaaz Khan Productions is a onetime watch. The rating for Abhishek Dogra’s Dolly ki Doli is 2.5/5.


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By Aswin Bharadwaj

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