Saw “Delhi Belly” last night. In one word its AWESOME!! Well, I am not saying that the impression you had about the movie after watching its trailer was wrong. You are right!! Movie has vulgar scenes, vulgar dialogs… But the good think is that you are gonna ROFL seeing all these vulgar stuff!! From the beginning of the movie itself we are gonna start laughing. The jokes are really a different type.. We will burst out seeing the expressions of Imran, Virdas and Kunal.

The story is about three Bachelor guys, who lives in a messed up apartment in Delhi.. and the troubles they had to face when they unfortunately get involved in a smuggling mess. Tashi (Imran) is a page 3 journalist, Nitin (Kunal) is his photographer and Arup (Virdas) is a Cartoonist.. All of them delivered a stand out performance… Kunal is amazing!!, Imran is entertaining and Virdas as the Raja Harishchandra-Devdas was also too Good.
Akshath Varma along with Director Abhinay Deo have done the Screenplay!!

Thumbs up to both for the fabulous job!!.. Even from the silent title sequence we will start laughin.. Editing, Camera, Sound.. Everything was neat according to me.. The Villain and his gang was a fantastic laughing package. 😀
Overall Delhi Belly is strictly for youth, or I should say for those people who believes that youngsters should enjoy n all.

After all, how can you expect a BOYS apartment, that also in a metro like Delhi to have a descent vocabulary.
U can expect a lot of “F” word and of course the WTF. But at the end of everything u r gonna enjoy the time U had inside the theater!!

Cheers to the writer Akshath Varma!!
Director Abhinay Deo’s first film GAME was a Disaster, But this one will be a trend setter!!
Watch DB from Cinemas as quickly as u can… With friends, not with family!! 😉

My Rating for Aamir Khan Production’s “Delhi Belly” is
4/5 and a Thumbs Up!!

Final Thoughts

Director Abhinay Deo's first film GAME was a Disaster, But this one will be a trend setter


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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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