Saw Salt n Pepper yesterday from Calicut Coronation with friends!! Its a very very good movie. It is not a thriller. Its just pure comedy!! Ashiq Abu and team has done a fabulous job in making this small and sweet movie. As the tagline of the movie says… oru dosha “undaakiya” kadha.

From the title track to the last Aanakkallan.. thoroughly enjoyable. The story revolves around Kalidasan (Lal), an archeologist and Maya (Shwetha Menon) a dubbing artist… The other characters in the movie are associated with these two characters and has their importance, including the cameo by Archana kavi. Asif Ali plays Manu, Mythili portrays Meenakshi and Baburaj, the hunk plays Babu!

The comedy in the movie is very natural. No gimmicks! Asif Ali as the chocolate boy has done a good job… CHAMMAL sequences were very good, Lal as the tough Kalidasan with a great interest for food. The way Lal gets angry still makes me laugh. Baburaj as babu, the WIFE of Lal!! has done the role excellently.(Dont worry movie is not abt Gays!!). Its a brand new avatar for Baburaj. He is gonna rock for sure. Shwetha Menon in a never before seen character. She did the role very neatly. Mythili is ok. There is not much for her to do.

The intro. sequence of Asif Ali, The romance between Maya and Kalidasan through that War story, How Babu met Kalidasan. etc were quite a delight to watch. Ashiq Abu’s skill in making ad films were used to a good extent in giving this movie a good charm!

Songs were shot very nicely.. Bijibal has done a very noticeable work in both music and BGM. Audience were clapping with the song “Chembavul..”, the song “Kaanamullal..” was a visually beautiful. Direction and screenplay is really cool. dialogues are very natural with good humor! Side track comedies were also of good standard. Vijayaraghavan’s excuse for archaeology, Muslim lady going to beauty parlor and the UPADESHI friend of Manu (Asif).

Overall THATTILKUTTI DOSHA has given Malayalam a hit which is worth watching more than once!!
watch it guys… 4/5 🙂

Final Thoughts

THATTILKUTTI DOSHA has given Malayalam a hit which is worth watching more than once!


Green: Recommended Content

Orange: The In-Between Ones

Red: Not Recommended


By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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