Diamond Necklace

Socially relevant and commercially convincing movies are always a delight to watch for all kind of audience. The new Lal Jose film scripted by Iqbal Kuttippuram belongs to that category. A movie that has all the flavors to satisfy a sincere cinema lover. The smooth screenplay and the refreshing making style makes this movie a delightful watch.

The movie is about this NRI Bachelor guy Arun (Fahadh Fasil) who is doctor by profession in Dubai, but lives a life that has no financial discipline. Living in the world of credit cards with accumulating debt, Arun slowly falls in to trouble. But still he goes for crooked paths to live his lavish life. With his attractive personality filled with positive energy Arun manages to impress a nurse Lakshmi in his hospital. But his financial state pulls him out of this relationship and he is forced to marry another girl, Rajasree. In the meanwhile a third girl also comes into Arun’s life, Maya. She was his patient and Arun really helps her in getting a positive mindset. In a sense Arun was looking for his advantage in each relationship. There are positive sides in his attitude. But he used it to an extend that can not be justified.  The movie is all about Arun understanding his mistake, learning from it and being mature after it.

The plot seems to be very straight forward. But the narrative and the perfect placement of the three female leads makes the movie an impressive one. The leading protagonist learns a lot from these three females and his positive attitude was perfectly passed on to them also. On and off the screen Diamond Necklace has a solid backup. Lal Jose seems to have shifted his gears to new generation and as a movie lover I am really happy about it. After a disappointing SEVENS Iqbal Kuttippuram also comes back with this refreshingly relevant script. Practical dialogs without much melodrama is also a plus. Lal Jose’s views through DOP Sameer Tahir’s eyes helps the movie in giving it a modern look. Music by Vidyasagar is sweet.

After 22 FK Fahadh once again gives a top notch performance. He is slowly becoming the Urban Boy of Mollywood. Second Show fame Gauthami delivers an impressive performance as the sweet, cute and cunning Lakshmi. Samvritha also deserves a mention especially for her second half performance. New comer Anusree also deliveres a notable performance as the silly wife. Veterans like Sreenivasan, Rohini and Maniyan Pilla Raju also dis their part neatly.

A relevant theme with required amount of entertainment and social commitment. This movie has its heart in the right place. This one is for those who considers cinema above mere laugh out loud entertainment.
I am giving 4/5 for Lal Jose’s small movie with big heart. You wont be disappointed.

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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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