Jannat 2

The latest film from the Bhatt camp, the Imran Hashmi starrer Jannat 2 is a movie that has all the flavors of a typical Kunal Deshmukh movie. Following his pattern in his previous ventures like Jannat and Tum Mile, Deshmukh has once again given Imaran a stereo type role of a cool crooked romantic gangster.

Even though the name is Jannat 2, story has nothing to do with its part 1 Jannat. The makers has tried to place the story in another backdrop. Just like Jannat, here also Sonu Dilli has a close friend, he wants to make money easily, in his path to achieve all these he meets the big one in the business. And also there is a charmless romance.

Sonu Dilli KKC is an illegal arms dealer. ACP Pratap Raghuvanshi played by Randeep Hooda is a frustrated police officer who lost his wife in an encounter. Since then he is living with this strong determination of destroying this illegal arms deal. To find the top guns in this deal he decides to use Sonu Dilli. He blackmails Sonu and makes him his informer. The core entertainment of the movie is how Sonu handles both his romance and the situation in which he ends up after meeting the big one in the business, Mangal Singh.

Jannat was a movie based on the real life incident of match fixing. But Jannat 2 is a completely fictitious story. As they have no real life reference for this movie they have followed the cliche Bhatt movie style. As the story closely follows the structure of its first installment Jannat 2 looses the charm due to its predictability. There is no charm in the romance and also the speed at which the affair blossoms is too difficult to digest. Even though the story has something to do with the character of the female protagonist, the screenplay uses her only for mere skin show.

Hashmi ha been unnecessarily pulled into his serial kisser avatar. Apart from that he has delivered a smart, cool crooked KKC on screen. Randeep Hooda deserves a special mention for his ACP Pratap Raghuvanshi. Mangal Singh was impressively portrayed by Manish Choudhary. Esha Gupta’s Jhanvi does not have much to do rather than some lip locks and skin shows.

Technically, apart from the story and screenplay rest of the categories were good. I felt the dialogs and their rendering makes the movie enjoyable. Kunal hasnt made any great change in his direction style. Pritam’s music never came up to the standard of Jannat.

Overall, Jannat 2 is just a watchable movie. It doesnt have anything fresh. Imran- Randeep combo and some cool dialogs makes this movie an average one. I am going out with 2.5/5 for director Kunal Deshmukh’s Jannat 2.

Final Thoughts

Jannat 2 is just a watchable movie. It doesnt have anything fresh. Imran- Randeep combo and some cool dialogs makes this movie an average one.


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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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