The thrills of the second half is definitely a strong point in the success of Drishyam, but for me it was the pleasure of seeing a Mohanlal who played the role of that intelligent middle class man with at most perfection. With yet another thriller Jeethu Joseph has strengthened his seat in the new Malayalam movie industry.

George kutti is a cable service provider who resides in Rajakkadu. His life is going on smoothly with all sorts of emotions that happens in a middle class family. His elder girl’s study trip from school invites a big trouble. As a result of their reaction against this unexpected blow takes them to an uncomfortable life. How George kutti saves his family from this puzzled situation where they can’t convince the legal system their reasons for the act.

If you take the audience pulse graph of both Memories and Drishyam it will be quite similar. Director Jeethu Joseph creates a good enough first half to make his viewers interested in the content and then moves to a second half which offers a lot for the audience to clap. The script establishes the lifestyle and characters around George Kutti through some good humor. The chemistry of the family works out so well that it stops us from thinking about the fact that they have committed something which in one perspective, an offence. George Kutti’s cinema inspired intelligence very rarely goes to an exaggerated level.

When you look at the technical side of Drishyam, the positives and negatives are very much similar to that of Memories. The director has tried some experiments which worked out occasionally. Some memorable sequences are there in the film like the one were George Kutti protects his elder girl when the inspector comes to his house. Script doesn’t have any unnecessary elements and Jeethu have used them very nicely in the narrative. The small fights in family, the necessity of control over children and many other socially relevant threads are mentioned in the story. The faults I could feel was in the dialogues which were too heavy for some of the supporting actors. Only Mohanlal showed the caliber to deliver those with the required feel. And one particular sequence where the police finds out how George Kutti executed this act was too much of an exaggeration. But still, the thrills that followed somewhat covers these errors. By answering the ethical questions towards the end and creating a commercially appealing climax Drishyam concludes on a high. The music was nice and the cinematography showed quality.

Mohanlal is simply awesome as George Kutti. In the second half even his delicate facial expression was able to convey the tension in his mind. Meena did her part very nicely. The two kids were also good on screen. Kalabhavan Shajon has used his crooked character effectively. One actor who impressed me with his limited screen presence was Siddique. Asha Sharath surprised me by delivering a good performance ( flawed at one place). Neeraj Madhav, Roshan Basheer, Kunjan and many more are there in the star cast who were nice in their respective roles.

Overall, Drishyam is a surprise package. When the DVD of this film releases there is a chance of postmortem about the script. But on a theatrical watch with normal intelligence, I couldnt feel much contradictions. My rating is 3.5/5 for this Jeethu Joseph movie. Don’t under estimate the intelligence of a common man.


Final Thoughts

Drishyam is a surprise package. When the DVD of this film releases there is a chance of postmortem about the script.


Green: Recommended Content

Orange: The In-Between Ones

Red: Not Recommended


By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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