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ivan-veramathiri-reviewSome relatively exciting moments towards the climax of Ivan Veramathiri is the only thing that manages to take the movie to an engaging level. Directed by M Saravanan who gave a well-crafted “Engeyum Eppothum”, the latest movie Ivan Veramathiri is a letdown when compared to the expectation we had from the director. So many areas in scripting which showed maturity and depth in EE were missing here. In addition, the clichéd masala formulas were not the suitable ingredients for this kind of a thriller.

Story here has our leading protagonist Gunasekharan kidnapping the criminal brother of the law minister of Tamil Nadu. He does this without revealing his identity. The basic script focuses on how Gunasekharan punishes the minister and his brother for their bad acts and what all he had to face as the brothers were keen to take revenge on him.

The movie begins with the kidnapping itself and we kind of expect an explanation from the script why these things are happening. Sadly, the social commitment reason was too cheesy and I could not feel any sort of inspiration. As the thrills in the first half were unimpressive the humor they created in the unbaked romance looked quite nice. One plus point of Engeyum Eppothum was the fun filled chemistry of the lead pairs in that film and here also Saravanan manages to create that chemistry on the fun side. By magnifying the agony, the last quarter of the movie succeeds in creating some tension (somewhat similar to Vettayadu Vilayadu). But a very disappointing lead actor, the typicality in scripting, unnecessary inclusion of certain usual flavors and the lack of excitement never really helps the movie to take off.

The direction style has some positives. The predictability in terms of making style was quite less and at some occasions it was impressive. Saravanan exhibits his edge in showing road accidents; but this time, most of them were unnecessary. Screenplay lacks sharpness. The characters are not rooted and the romance was not that great. The interval sequence and the song followed by that were supposed to be on a completely new level where I believe it didn’t reached. Cinematography is satisfactory and Sreekar Prasad has tried his best to make those shots look connected. Music is average and the decision to make the hero dance with his head was a bad one.

Vikram Prabhu looked elegant for the role only when he smiled at the heroine’s childish nature, apart from that this particular casting was poor. Heroine Surabhi was convincing. More than the hero I liked the performance of the villain played by Vamsi Krishna. At least the guy showed some real frustrations on his face. Rest of the cast was okay.

Overall, Ivan Veramathiri is a disappointing output. Some scattered positives are there in terms of making, but when you look at the whole picture the result is thumbs down. I expected a much better thriller from the director who made some memorable and heart touching moments and characters in his previous film. The rating is 2/5.


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