Edge of Tomorrow

Finally a big commercial Hollywood film walks out of the streets of USA and guess what? the product was extremely good. The kick that Edge of Tomorrow gives you is somewhat similar to that of watching the first part of Matrix. I am not comparing the storyline here, it’s the feel we get when it all ends that makes sense even though it is pure fantasy idea. With relatively fewer complications compared to the famous brain twisters, this Tom Cruise film will surely engage you with its concept.

The film focuses on the future scenario where the earth is under the attack of alien creatures called Mimics. The UDF (united defense force) formed by NATO is on a war against it and an American military spokesman William Cage is sent to London. Surprisingly the un prepared non soldier Cage is sent to the Warfield by the authorities and he dies there. When he dies he wakes up again in a place where he was cuffed by the authority and this time loop repeats every time he dies. Cage’s quest to find out what’s happening to him which has an answer that could end this war is what this film talking about.

Well the first half an hour of the screenplay might look too complicated as it never really explains anything and we are in the same dilemma in which our hero is.  And that is the fun part of the movie. For a majority of the runtime we as an audience are navigating along with the central protagonist. As the movie’s tag line says there is a lot of live die and repeat scenario in the film which never looked dull. In fact the writers have used that to a good extent to embed humor in the content. After revealing the key Omega- Alpha thing in the plot, they haven’t tried to play it safe by exploring only the peripheral consequences, but have included some twists so that Cage can understand the whole picture and find solutions to go beyond dead ends.

On screen, Tom Cruise fits into the shoes of William Cage easily who transforms from a normal guy to a trained army man with a lot of resets. Emily Blunt successfully carried the role of Rita. Bill Paxton was also good.

Direction was extremely good from Doug Liman and I Loved the way he captured the beach war sequence that looked so real.  It’s a well written screenplay for a fantasy thriller that explores many aspects of the situation and also the solution. Good cinematography and smart edits. Visual effects department was also damn good.

So Edge of Tomorrow is kickass stuff. Those who like films like Matrix, Inception etc for the weirdo concept must watch this movie. And for a “variety” we have the aliens invading Europe (not US). The rating is 4/5 for Edge of Tomorrow.

Final Thoughts


Green: Recommended Content

Orange: The In-Between Ones

Red: Not Recommended


By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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