When you have something like “for the first time in the world” in your script there needs to be something new and interesting in the movie. Garbhasreeman, which has national award winning actor Suraj Venjaramood playing the title protagonist, is a castle of cliche that has an extremely shoddy screenplay and pathetic direction. A movie rings the danger alarm soon after the opening credits end.

The story focuses on the life of Sudheendhran, a courier service owner who has the responsibility of his entire family and a lot of debts to clear (ya the same old Jayaram movie scenario). The debts were too high and on a critical knot Sudheendhran gets the money he wanted when he agrees to be a carrier for a male pregnancy research of a doctor. The problems Sudheendhran has to face after this and how it all ends happily is what the movie all about.

It is the amount of bizarrely executed cliché in the content that makes this movie a headache. Some of the boys who came for the movie were predicting the scenes and dialogs and I believe their wrong predictions were better than the writer’s idea. The humor is of substandard even though I liked one or two in the second half that had Shajon. The songs are coming out without any sense and I must say that making Suraj look like a typical Malayalam family hero is only worth laughing at. The soul of the movie was the pregnancy thing and some poor lab setup with colored water jars and YouTube clips were not enough to establish the unique idea.

The direction is pathetic and the script is written as if to make the idea look like a nonsense. You can only do that fake laugh (out of frustration) for the humor in the dialogs. Sentimental scenes are worth yawning. Poor cinematography and edits. Average music and copied BGM’s from Ouseppachan (maybe he got a chance to read that script). Funny dance choreography and the goons in that last minute fight were like “please hit me sir.. I won’t get paid”. Applauds to the makeup man for that fake belly which looked real.

On screen, Suraaj doesn’t have anything to do as Sudheendhran and at many occasions he was a misfit. Shajon also isn’t that charming. Siddique once again shows us why he is a class actor. I don’t wish to analyze the acting of the female lead or the rest of the cast.

So to sum it up, Garbhasreeman is an interesting thought spoiled brutally by its makers. The rating is 1/5 for Garbhasreeman. The EXIT light above the door was on for the full time and I guess I ignored the warning. 

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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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