Ee Adutha Kaalathu

“Ee Adutha Kaalathu” directed by Arun Kumar is a superb satirical thriller. This movie belongs to that class of small movies which made big impact in the box office. The star of the movie is basically the interesting screenplay. A script that goes through many emotions, many class of people in the same society, the problems they face etc. Even-though its a story, the making style gives a real feel to it.
About the movie, well the story is built around a serial killer who basically has not much to do other than linking some of the main characters in the movie. But the way they are interconnected is what that makes this movie interesting. The main characters in the movie are Vettu Vishnu (Indrajith) a BPL man living a life by making small crafts from waste, Ajay Kurien (Murali Gopi) a man with a huge inferiority complex because of his unfortunate sex life and by professionhe is the CEO of a hospital, Tomy Cherian (Anoop Menon) a beauty conscious police commissioner with superiority complex, Madhuri (Tanushri Ghosh) Ajay’s wife and a failed Bollywood actress, who is always tortured by Ajay’s complex. Madhuri’s friend Journalist Roopa (Lena) who is in a relationship with Commissioner Tomy, but basically a lady who hates men. Remani (Mythili), Vishnu’s wife who is stubborn by faith. Thee Ramachanran (Jagathy) chief editor of a gossip news paper, Rusthom (Nishan), a north Indian fraud who is on a task of making a porn video of Madhuri. The film works for the audience because when all these characters get linked with each other through circumstances even the most simple viewer will appreciate that style of direction.
Performance wise Indrajith was really good in his role as Vishnu. His Trivandrum slang dialogs were really funny. He performed well especially in the combination scenes with Tanushri Ghosh in the beginning of second half. I think Arun Kumar can take the credit for making Mythili act like this. Considering her previous efforts this one is a good one. Murali Gopi is my favorite on screen performer in this movie. Because he has handled the role of Ajay Kurien superbly. Anoop Menon did his role very neatly. It is a varity role for him. Lena did her job. New comer Tanushri Ghosh gave an impressive performance as Madhuri. Jagathy and Nishan also gave their best in making those small roles memorable. There are many more small characters in the movie which will surely stay in our head.
Technicaly, direction and editing of Arun Kumar is really good. There were many scenes where the director satirically represented what he meant by showing messages. Murali Gopi has given a fresh script with realistic dialogs. Cinematography is simple and convincing.Music and BG Music of Gopi Sunder is excellent (I hope its not a copied one).
After TRAFFIC, SALT n PEPPER, INDIAN RUPEE and BEAUTIFUL you can add one more to the list, EE ADUTHA KAALATHU. Its a movie that once again proves the cinema is the art of its makers not the stars in it. To make class movies you dont need big budget and high profile stars. Watch it people. In my view its the best release in malayalam this year till date.
I am giving 4/5 for director Arun Kumar Aravind’s “Ee Adutha Kaalathu”.

Final Thoughts

Its a movie that once again proves the cinema is the art of its makers not the stars in it. To make class movies you dont need big budget and high profile stars.


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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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