Fathers Day

“Fathers Day” the directorial debut of script writer Kalavoor Ravikumar is undoubtedly an outdated film. The chances of the movie convincing audiences is very less. Too much outdated style of direction, compromise on casting and a predictable script with too much melodrama makes the movie a tiring watch.

The director who earlier scripted the movie “Nammal”, has gone for another version of the same movie. An interesting thought is there in the movie, but the execution made it a totally boring watch. The story is about a college professor Seetha Lakshmi, who is living a single life and how her life changes because of the most crucial and unfortunate incident in her past.

I dont want to disclose anything much about the storyline, but it has a great similarity with directors earlier script Nammal. The direction is still in the 1990s. Audience were literally saying almost all the emotional dialogs even before they were said by the actors. The script is an uneven mix of thrill and sentimence. Other technical features like camera, editing etc were convincing.

In the performance side Revathy is playing the key role of Seetha Lakshmi and she has portrayed it in a very neat and convincing way. Vineeth was also good in his brother avatar. But I felt the writing made his character a lttle too childish. New comer Shahin delivered an nice performance. His character was mute for more than half an hour at the beginning of the movie. People almost started making fun of his suspicious character during that time. Lal has done a role that was created to give the casting of the movie a larger canvas. Waste role I would say. Jagathy also did a very small role. But he proved his acting talent in that 5 minute long role and he was the only character in the movie who got claps for the on screen performance. The heroin was pathetic. It was one of the worst casting I have seen in recent times. Sayings very emotional hard malayalam words in the slang of an NRI malayali, pathetic. Audience were howling at almost all the scenes in which she was shown in the second half. Shankar, Idavela babu, Suresh Krishna and Vijay Menon also did their role neatly. But as I said earlier, what can actors do if the writing does not have the power to influence people.

In short, “Father’s Day” is a disappointing outdated movie. People who love the daily soaps in television will find this movie interesting.
My rating for Kalavoor Ravikumar’s Father’s Day is 2/5 and a thumbs down.

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Final Thoughts

Father's Day is a disappointing outdated movie. People who love the daily soaps in television will find this movie interesting.


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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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