Men In Black 3

The latest edition of the MIB series is definitely a different one. While the previous packages relied entirely on fun this one goes a little beyond that and adds some emotions in to it. Well, will the audience accept this added flavor? That will decide the success of the movie. The movie revolves around agent… Continue reading Men In Black 3


Contraband starring Mark Wahlberg and Kate Beckinsale is an action flick that doesnt follow any unique path. The movie has the pattern of a typical hollywood smuggler movie. The twists and turns are familiar as we have seen these kind of narrations in tv shows and similar other movies. Chris Farraday is an ex smuggler… Continue reading Contraband


“Avengers” is simply a thrilling entertainer with the cliche super hero theme of Saving the world. What makes it a really good entertainer is the treatment which manages to contain all its leading protagonists with equal importance. The makers can take a great of amount of credit for making this movie an awesome thrilling visual… Continue reading Avengers

The Adventures Of Tintin

Saw The much anticipated Steven Spielberg movie “The Adventures of Tintin”. Well, in one word its real fun. There isnt any big ERROR to point out. The basic story is about finding the treasure behind UNICORN (people who have seen the cartoon or read the comic will be familiar with it). Even if you know… Continue reading The Adventures Of Tintin


Saw “Captain America” today from Crown. Well not up to the expectation in my view. Couldnt find anything new. Captain America looses the grip because it is trying to add fiction to an incident like world war. And I felt they failed very much in showing the patriotism, which was the soul purpose of Captain… Continue reading CAPTAIN AMERICA


Saw “Transformers- Dark Of the Moon” two days back… The film has not got much critical appreciation.. But for me it was an Excellent visual entertainer with a descent story. The third part is about a PILLAR technology devoloped by Cybetronians. The ship Ark lead by Sentinel Prime Crashed at Moon and NASA understood this… Continue reading TRANSFORMERS-Dark Of The Moon


Well I saw the movie ” Social Network” today. It was released in India last Friday. Its the story of Facebook. As we all are so addicted to Facebook I will say this movie is a must watch. Its a different movie , because it is a real life story and we cant expect a… Continue reading SOCIAL NETWORK


Yesterday I saw KungFu Panda 2!! In One Word its HILARIOUS!! Couldnt stop laughing even after the movie. Po, Love U!! The story revolves around Po’s quest to know about his origin. The “INNER PEACE” move is the “THING” of the movie. Technically Superb Animation. Nice mix of 2D and 3D animation. There are a… Continue reading KUNG FU PANDA 2