I heard a feedback from my friend that the new James Bond movie Skyfall is the worst Bond movie he has seen. Well I can understand why he said that. In this particular bond movie you won’t see a typical Bond girl, there won’t be any totally unreal Bond gadgets to make things childish. If you wish to see a realistic super cool secret agent Skyfall is perfectly the one for you. With a story that throws light to the base of the whole concept of Bond movies including MI6 and secret agents, Skyfall stands tall among the Bond series.

The plot this time revolves around the character Raoul Silva (Tiago Rodriguez) a former MI6 agent who is seeking revenge against M as he believes that she betrayed him at a crucial point. His mode of attack was through cyber terrorism and it makes MI6 fall back to its best Agent 007 who was reportedly killed in an accidental gunshot while hunting down a guy who holds the list of people who are embedded in various national agencies by MI6. The return of Bond to the force and how he protects MI6 and M from the attacks of Silva is the basic plot of the movie.

With an amazingly realistic and thrilling opening sequence, this Bond episode takes the audience to its world right from the word go. With the character of Silva having a dimension that could well be the future of Bond and the fresh take on Bond the human over the selfless agent makes the movie a bit more interesting. Luckily the cliché cheating twist is not here and the plot being too straight forward revenge can be counted as a negative.

Performance wise, I think Daniel Craig is getting better and better by each film and it seems quite sure that once he leaves this franchise many will miss him. Javier Bardem deserves a special round of applauds for portraying Silva in such a unique way. Judi Dench did her part as M smoothly in her lasting outing. Ben Whishaw makes an impressive screen presence in his short span Q avatar. Ralph Fiennes, Naomi Harris, Bérénice Marlohe and the rest of the cast was also satisfying.

Sam Mendes has rendered this movie very carefully. The movie never really loses its feel or tempo. Even in the relatively dull second half, the director makes things engaging. Screenplay is fast paced in the beginning then kind of decelerates to a gentle level and maintains that till the end. Dialogs are really cool especially the counter dialogs. VFX of the movie is damn good. The opening sequence had a lot of scenes aided by VFX but the blending was really fantastic in my view. For making most of the scenes look real I think the editor and Cinematographer should be acknowledged. The BGM was really impressive. They used the tradition Bond BGM only in very few places with thrill on its peak and that makes the mood more exciting.

On the whole Skyfall is a movie that will be remembered for its unique and non typical plot and making. Even though the movie didn’t close all the loops; this one is more than a popcorn fun in my view. I am giving 3.5/5 and thumbs up for this Daniel Craig starrer. You won’t be disappointed.

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Orange: The In-Between Ones

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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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