Ennum Eppozhum

Lack of a solid story with an interesting conflict zone is evident in the latest Sathyan Anthikkadu movie Ennum Eppozhum. But with a lot of light hearted fun and an effortlessly beautiful performance of Mohanlal makes this movie an enjoyable two and half hour narration without any significant shift in the tale.

Vineeth N Pillai is a senior reporter in a leading magazine. The guy has a very lazy approach towards work. With the arrival of the new editor in chief, Mr. Pillai is in a difficult situation as he has to prove his caliber by doing an article on a new news sensation Advocate Deepa. The movie’s basic focus is on this journey of the journalist to get this interview.

There are a lot of moments in the movie that kind of made me think that Sathyan Anthikkadu is adapting to the recent changes we see in cinemas. References to his own movie dialogues, Mohanlal’s hit dialogues, placing an actor like Pradeep Kottayam just to give a lighter moment in the movie and the character played by Renji Panicker are very unusual when we look at the usual pattern of film making from the veteran. The quintessential preaching, showcasing the value of parents and the unhappy couples are there in the movie and almost all the Sathyan Anthikkadu stereotypes are appearing in different characters. But where the movie scores is in getting the best of its actors (except for Reenu Mathews). The lack of a serious plot twister was covered up with the help of performances. The unusual additions I mentioned above also helps the movie in being alive.

I won’t say I saw the old Mohanlal, but instead I would say that I saw the Mohanlal I wanted to see. After a few less expressive and over comical characters, Vineeth N Pillai offers space for Mohanlal to perform. The humor, attitude, desperation and maturity the character shows in various phases were completely safe with the complete actor. Compared to How Old Are You, Manju Warrier sounded less dramatic and was more energetic (still not the old one). The lack of drama in dialogue delivery made her character look more sensible. Reenu Mathews was disappointing. Lena did her part impressively. While Minon showed a surprisingly mature performance, Jacob Gregory and Innocent did their roles nicely.  Through the character of Renji Panicker, Sathyan Anthikkadu smartly makes fun of the so called “new generation” movies.

Sathyan Anthikkadu has tried to make this movie look fresh mainly by changing technicians. He has joined hands with Ranjan Pramod for the screenplay. The brittle story of Disco Raveendran gets a much needed lifeline through the script that treats events with good humor and sensible sentiments. Dialogues are okay. Neil Dcunha gives a brand new attire to the Sathyan Anthikkadu movie label with his frames. Music was nice and the background score also sounded good. Edits were okay.

Overall, Ennum Eppozhum is a movie that won’t disappoint its targeted audience. The storyline is quite weak, but the performances and humor won’t torture you while watching this Sathyan Anthikkadu movie. Rating for this Mohanlal – Manju Warrier starrer is 3/5.

Final Thoughts

Ennum Eppozhum is a movie that won't disappoint its targeted audience.


Green: Recommended Content

Orange: The In-Between Ones

Red: Not Recommended


By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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