Oru Vadakkan Selfie

I would say that Oru Vadakkan Selfie is a smart package. It is a movie that uses humor and the desperations of a generation in a hilarious manner to give an enjoyable entertainer. Even after getting fizzled away by a slightly overdramatic climax and a terrible leading lady, the movie manages to stay in our minds with its humor content that never really go to the exaggerated level. With ample moments that will make the “B.Tech/ BE” victims revisit their college and post college lives; Oru Vadakkan Selfie becomes a really good time pass entertainer.

Umesh is the central protagonist and he is sitting at home after miserably failing in his B.Tech degree. The lazy lad who is in search of shortcut to fame and film making ends up in a trouble when his journey to Chennai gets linked with a missing case he wasn’t aware of. The movie basically tells us Umesh and his friend Shaji’s journey to prove their innocence as no evidence was in support of them.

The one reason why this movie works is because of the way Vineeth Sreenivasan has written the life of the B.Tech victim. Much like Koothara, here also we get to see a realistic glimpse of the losers of engineering degree. With all the witty conversations that comprises of certain socially relevant issues, the post college phase of the script also becomes entertaining. The second half of the movie is also on the hilarious side for a significant share of its runtime. But where the movie fumbles is in giving perfect climax for the humorous tale. It is true that the climax gives importance in making us aware about a new way of online cheating, but the kind of melodrama it had affect the movie in a way. But by adding a little more humor in the post climax scene, debutant Prajith and Vineeth wraps up the movie in a good way.

As an actor Nivin Pauly manages to do humor very successfully. The scene where he tries to impress Manjima and also that second half scene inside the detective’s office were really hilarious and this guy is evolving real fast. Manjima looked good in those songs but the most significant part was acting and she sadly disappointed me. Aju Varghese again impresses with a solid humorous performance. Neeraj Madhav also offers a lot of fun with his witty conversations. Vineeth Sreenivasan was really good in his detective avatar and I liked that taxi driver scene with Manjima. Viayaraghavan, Sreelakshmi, Harikrishnan, Shravan, Bhagath Manuel, Rajesh Sharma, Santosh Keezhattoor and many more are there in the elaborate cast with good performances.

Prajith, the long time associate of Vineeth Sreenivasan has adapted the style of Sreenivasan Junior in his making. The written humor was presented effectively on screen and the only fault I would say was in bringing the best out of the leading lady. As I already said, Vineeth Sreenivasan has written the script very smartly by including everything that will be nostalgic to those who are someway connected to a B.Tech sufferer. Every pain and problem they had to face has been presented in a humorous manner. The climax portion could have been less dramatic. Dialogues are very funny. Jomon T John’s cinematography was impressive. Edits were okay. Good support from Shaan Rahman with music and background score.

Overall, Oru Vadakkan Selfie is an entertainer worth spending your money. The rating for this G. Prajith movie is 3.5/5. I do agree that the climax had problems, but there was too much to laugh that we can forgive that mistake.

Final Thoughts

Oru Vadakkan Selfie is a smartly packaged entertainer that has a lot of hilarious moments.


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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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