Fast And Furious 7

Flying cars, insane set pieces with a believable presentation, sexy ladies are the main attributes of the fast and furious series and the new one in the franchise has all these flavours in a different proportion and a fitting adieu to its most liked star.

This time the focus is more on the revenge side of Deckard Shaw. After Dom brought Owen Shaw’s life to a full stop (or a coma), his big brother Deckard is on a mission to hunt down the guys responsible for it. Clueless Dom gets the offer of assistance in getting this Shadow Shaw from a secret service agency if he agrees to do a mission for those people. How does this mission go and how they finally get Deckard is what the seventh episode of the series talking about.

As I said, it has everything we see in the franchise, but in a different proportion. While dialogues with attitude and mad modus of operandi will give you that kickass feel, there are some considerable demerits in the script that kind of fails concentrate on the main flavours – Statham and cars. Almost the entire second half of the cinema becomes a Michael Bay film with too much of destruction happening all over the place and considerably less amount of cars. But still by giving space for moments worth whistling and applauding, James Wan makes it a pleasing entertainer.

On screen, Vin Diesel as always looks solid and stubborn as the leader Dom. Jason Statham did his part nicely in his typical style comprising of harsh fist fights and husky voice. They have succeeded in including Paul Walker smartly in the content with the help of CG and some old school methods. He was comfortable in his last outing as Brian O’Conner . Ludacris and Tyrese Gibson handled the humour nicely. Michelle Rodriguez was also cool in her character. Small roles for Dwayne Johnson and Tony Jaa.

In the making, James Wan kind of manages to package the movie with all its usual ingredients. When it came to the stunts, he succeeded in pushing the envelope very much. The problem I would say was in the scripting as it couldn’t keep developments in the fast and furious level especially in the second half. The movie just goes to a very chaotic chase with too much of explosions and gun shots. And apart from that it also fails in giving us a good Statham show. The actor/star is limited to only a few scenes. The dialogues had the fire. Edits and cinematography are fine. Background music suited the feel of this racing saga. It was a fabulous work from the visual effects department in making the unbelievable look so cool on screen.

So to sum it up, Fast and Furious 7 is an overall pleasing entertainer with enough to keep you interested. The rating for the movie is 3/5 and thumbs up. The tribute they gave to Paul Walker is an awesome one that will move you. You will be missed Paul.

Final Thoughts

A watchable good flick that gives an extremely emotional farewell to Paul Walker.


Green: Recommended Content

Orange: The In-Between Ones

Red: Not Recommended


By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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  1. the movie is not that good and i think it deserves just 2.5.. actions were good but story is normal. and it can be called tribute to paul walker fans. overall just average

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