The latest Karthi movie Komban is in the midway region by many means. It has a content that looks relevant at some occasions but becomes preachy gradually. Trying to narrate a story built on emotions; Komban slides into those irrelevant masala to take away its possible charm and ends up as an average entertainer.

The movie basically focuses on the relationship between the title protagonist Kombaya Pandiyan and his father in law. Komban who is a bit orthodox is a short tempered arrogant guy. On his village where rivalry between many groups is strong, he is one sensitive character. His marriage with the girl he loved complicates the family life when he was not finding his father in law’s presence comfortable. The complications in this relationship and how it all flips is what Komban trying to tell us.

It is the unnecessary commercialization that makes Komban a disappointment. They have a main conflict and they have a central protagonist who needs to be rectified about his perspective. But still they chose the most predictable and used out methods to present the idea. A lot of buildup has been given to relatively less relevant segments of the screenplay. Somewhere in the middle, the movie manages to get its focus back, but towards the climax it again goes to the typical notions of these kinds of movies.

The performances are the best part of the movie. Karthi did a really good on screen performance as Komban. It was an equally competing performance from Rajkiran as the father in law Muthaiah. Lakshmi Menon did well as the bold wife/daughter. Kovai Sarala, Karunas, Thambi Ramaiah and many more in the star cast did their parts nicely.

Director Muthaiah has chosen a different plot to set his movie but he forgot to give justice to it by giving an equally unique treatment. The usual Tamil action movie format given to the movie decreases the emotional content in it. The dialogues also needed a bit more fire and a less cheesy feel. Cinematography and edits are just about okay. Some tracks were really catchy.

Overall Komban is an average cinema that uses the old school formula of showcasing goodness. Appreciating some notable performances, the rating for this movie is 2.5/5.

Final Thoughts

Komban is an average cinema that uses the old school formula of showcasing goodness.


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Orange: The In-Between Ones

Red: Not Recommended


By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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