Finding Fanny

Towards the end of the movie, the things happening to the character played by Pankaj Kapur is brutal. But the funny part is that you will find it absolutely hilarious. Finding Fanny from director Homi Adajania is that satirical take on a subject films have discussed a lot, that is to speak out your feelings without giving a damn about the response and live a life that has less space for regret.

Finding Fanny basically describes the story through this old man Freddie aka Fernando who gets back the same letter which he had sent to his girlfriend Fanny 46 years ago seeking her hand. The restless Freddie tells his concern and curiosity about his lover to his friend Angie. The film is about the road trip planned and executed by Angie to find Fanny. Characters associated to Angie are there in this trip and we get to see this hilarious life changing trip of these guys.

Well what makes it special is its humor in the narrative. The issue addressed here is that very delicate emotion called love which a lot of people consider as something difficult to express. And to show this lack of confidence in being true to your emotions, the maker of Cocktail has taken a very witty way. Homi hasn’t tried to give any sort of fake sanity to his cinema and whatever shown looks sensible. The search for love looked practical because of the sarcastically speaking characters. Lots of minute adjustments in the scenes are there to make you laugh out loud.

On screen Naseeruddin Shah gets out of his moody shape and Homi has given him a character that had the capacity to test this actor after the Ishqiya series. Deepika looks stunning and she easily transformed into Angie. Arjun Kapoor was nice. Dimple Kapadia was perfect as Rosy and Pankaj Kapur was hilarious as that “back” obsessed painter.

In the making Homi Adajania keeps it real simple and never goes for any visual pranks to create humor. Just those small tweaks in scenes like the way where Fredie gives Angie the mutton bill instead of the letter, not only creates a practically witty scene but also establishes the innocence of the character. Funny dialogues dipped in sarcasm. Anil Mehtha’s visuals had that brightness which suited the light mood of the movie. Cuts were good and the BGM was minimal and beautiful.

Overall Finding Fanny, the English speaking Indian movie is a deliciously simple eye opener. Set perfectly in the backdrop of Goa, this search for love will surely make you happy. I am going with a 3.5/5 for director Homi Adajania’s Finding Fanny.

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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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