Sigaram Thodu

Sigaram Thodu from director Gaurav is decent entertainer that has almost all the flavors of an engaging Tamil entertainer with ups and downs. While the thriller part of the movie will please you with its making, some of the sloppy appa-pullai melodrama will not impress you that much.

The story is about Muralipandiyan, a young guy who aspires to be a bank manager and at the same time fakes to his father that his passion is to become a police officer. Certain situations forces Murali to be an SI. An ATM robbery happening in the city shatters his family life. Murali’s inner conflict on choosing the police profession and how he reacts to the consequences of the ATM robbery is what this film talking about.

As I said the entire first half of the movie is focusing on the personal relationships of our main protagonist. While the characters looked practical and real, the kind of sentimental demands they had sounded too cheesy. I am saying this because the entire second half has an intriguing investigation part that looked really convincing on screen. And such a convincing crime investigation should have a sensible amount of drama and exaggeration which I believe was not there in the first half.

On screen I was happy to see Vikram Prabhu in a more lively character. And there was considerable amount of increase in quality of his dancing and fighting abilities. Sathyaraj did his father character nicely. Monal Gajjar whom the malayali audiences have seen in Vinayan’s epic Dracula was okay as the lover girl. Director has played the role of one of the antagonists and he was just okay.

In the making, the film doesn’t have much clichés of a typical Tamil film. The exaggerations and nonsense level is quite low. As I said in the beginning it is in those sentimental areas where the film fizzles. Those conditions put forward by the leading lady’s father and the melodrama surrounding it looked immature. Gaurav has impressed me with his frames. Lots of fresh ideas in terms of visualization were there and it had quality. Some long uncut shots and there was one elliptical movement of the camera when the central character was riding the bike and it was really an innovative shot. Edits were okay. BGM and Music was also fine. Loved that song sung by Yesudas.

Overall Sigaram Thodu is a good crowd pleaser that has thrill, fun and some sloppy sentiments. The rating for the movie is 3/5.

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By Aswin Bharadwaj

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