godzilla-movie-reviewWhether the new Godzilla will work for you is something totally dependent on the nature of your expectation. My heart was willing for a brand new experiment which won’t have much similarities with the earlier fish hunter Godzilla, except for the huge size. May be because of that, I was able to enjoy the film even after the script over experimenting certain things.

This is not the second part of the previous movie, it’s just another interpretation of the same monster. It starts of as some scientists discovering the fossil of an enormous creature. Later in the same year a nuclear plant goes down after a weird seismic activity. After 15 years a failed experiment on an egg results in the hatching of a new MUTO (Massive Unidentified Terrestrial Organism). The birth of this new MUTO creates a lot of imbalance in the equation. How humans try to bring it to an equilibrium and how Godzilla plays a key role in it is what this interpretation talking.

If you are still in the nostalgia of that mutated Godzilla which was in search of sea food, the fresh base of this new one that has a lot of scientific explanations and radioactive food thing may look like an unnecessary complication. Repeating the same stuff would have been a less entertaining idea and they have re written the whole thing in a good way. The why’s I could sense was asked through the character Ford and the explanation did make sense. The fear element is something special about the franchise and they have conceived certain scenes with that. The gigantic feel of the creatures was quiet good in the beginning but as it went to that fist fight with colossal destruction of San Francisco the script looked overloaded and less scary.

The direction style was good and it did kept that Godzilla feel in its first one hour’s run time. But later as it went to the monster rivalry episode, the script loses its grip. There is a freshness in visualization as it conceived the destruction of cities in a really good way. The previous Godzilla was only visible in the dark, but here they have taken the risk of making it walk in the daylight and that has exposed a lot of rendering errors in visual effects. Edits were good and the BGM also kept a good standard.

On screen there isn’t much for the actors to perform as it is dominated by the technicians. Aaron Taylor- Johnson is less emotional in his character. Bryan Cranston was really good in his role and Ken Watanabe also delivered a nice performance.

Overall this Godzilla is a good one time watch with more scientific explanations and too much of destruction. Hollywood continues its nature of making USA the center of attraction of everything wonderful and horrible. The rating is 3/5 for Gojira. Godzilla, why don’t you come to India for a change? Aren’t you bored with the US people and army?

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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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