Million Dollar Arm

Million-Dollar-Arm-movie-reviewThe fact that it’s a true story is the most attractive part of the latest Disney production, Million Dollar Arm. With small dosage inspiration and the real feel and emotions in characters makes this movie a good cine experience.

It’s the story about sports agent J Bernstein’s idea to go to India to find young people who can bowl well in cricket, train them and make them pitchers in baseball. The fun, the pressure and the other difficulties JB had to face in this transformation process is what the movie talking about.

As I said the inspirational content is relatively less in this film. We don’t have characters struggling to become something they are nowhere near on a professional level. But the movie’s real focus is on the mind games and the home sickness Rinku and Dinesh had to face during this period. The incidents that happens in this process are so organic that you will easily fit into the movie’s atmosphere. Loved the fact they never made fun of India’s conservative side. There is enough humor and sentiments that doesn’t spill and the movie concludes at the peak of the viewer’s happiness.

Much like Slumdog Millionaire they did pictured India as an under developed country, which didn’t impressed me. Craig Gillespie has handled the movie nicely. The level of inspiration the movie demands was quite evident in the visualization. The screenplay successfully builds a good chemistry between the characters. The way Brenda becomes a part of JB’s life through her involvement in making the boys happy is a naturally sweet portion. Thankfully the Hindi used in the movie is colloquial which boosts the real feel. Cinematography was really nice. Nice music from Madras Mozart A R Rahman. Edits were fine.

Jon Hamm performed his part as J Bernstein in a really good manner. The tensions, the frustration, the risks etc. were safe in the actor’s hands. Suraj Sharma gets a chance to do a cooler character and he was good in his Flamingo avatar. Madhur Mittal was also good as the slightly introvert Dinesh. Pitobash was funny as Amit and Alan Arkin was also hilarious in his sleepy character. Lake Bell and Asif Mandvi also performed nicely.

Overall it’s a feel good story that will make you happy. The rating for Million Dollar Arm is 3.5/5. Sensible preaching in small packages which will surely impress you.

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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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