Hasee Toh Phasee

hasee-toh-phasee-reviewThe USP of the new Bollywood rom-com Hasee Toh Phasee is without any doubt the captivating performance of the leading lady Parineeti Chopra. Her portrayal of the slightly geeky and weirdly eccentric character is so good that the performance itself adds an additional dosage of freshness to the film. Fizzling considerably towards its end, Hasee Toh Phasee directed by Vinil Mathew is a fun film that doesn’t experiment much with script but has created some cheerful characters who shares a wonderful chemistry.

Nikhil is a young businessman who is finding it difficult to stay in his field. He is in a committed relationship with an actress. Just seven days before his marriage a new character Meeta enters into his life with all weird characteristics. Hasee toh phasee focuses on the chemistry between this conventional soft boy and this innocent and complicated girl.

The first half of the movie goes in swift speed and there is enough fun in terms of dialogues, situations and characters to keep you interested. But in the second half of the movie the Karan Johar School of film making starts to show up and all those melodrama, confusions enters the plot to make things look all too cheesy and predictable. Some memorable emotional and humorous sequences are there in the film like the scene were Meeta’s father asks his brother to punish him for her deeds and also that CID spoof.

On screen, Parineeti is quite brilliant as Meeta. The abnormality of her character never goes to an over acting level and that makes the character so lovable. By default dullness in the face of Sidharth Malhothra makes him eligible for the innocent rich lover boy character and the actor has done it nicely. One guy who scored with his performance was Manoj Joshi who played the fathers part very elegantly with both humor and sentiments. The way they showed Sharat Saxena was also refreshing.

Vinil Mathew has managed to keep the movie in the cool zone for almost 60% of its run-time. Those less verbal communication between the lead pair in the beginning of the movie was really nice to watch. As I said, the problem is in those usual second half melodrama. Neither the script or the direction cant help the movie in those phases. And the character they added to give 5 crores to our hero and the idea surrounding it didn’t really workout. Cinematography was good. Songs are enjoyable. Background scores were also good.

The film can be actually considered as a mix of Phantom and Dharma productions film making ideologies. The rating from my side for Hasee Toh Phasee is 3/5 and thumbs up to Parineeti.

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