heropanti-movie-reviewSurprisingly the movie Heropanti doesn’t have much of action to give you that entertainment you expect from a Telugu remake whose trailer was filled with the geometry of action and anatomy of hero. But the interesting part was that the villain in the movie was sensible and sentimental which kind of gave the movie a DDLJ climax.

The film starts off with a runaway marriage in the jat community. The ferocious relatives of the bride are in search of the couple as it was a disgrace to the community. To find the boy who took away their girl, the family goes after his best friends and one of them is our hero Bablu. The journey to find out the missing couple and other developments that happens around the characters is what this minimal mass masala movie talking about.

Well the trailer gives you an idea about the story as an action filled love story. But when it comes to the film you get to see very little action. There is an introduction fight sequence which manages to create whistles among the audience and in the second half also has one sequence where you get to see the martial arts flexibility of our hero. What surprised me in the film which had a very brittle plot was the emotional side of the potential antagonist of the movie. Even though that character goes to certain exaggerated levels of behavior, there are some really interesting scenes where the father in him expresses his concerns which kind of force our hero to be less aggressive. In the mean time the writer fails miserably in creating a good love story.

On screen this isn’t a great test for Tiger Shroff as an actor as it mainly focuses on his physique, dance and fighting skills. The actor should focus on his dialog delivery. The heroin Kriti Sanon’s face and flat belly was given equal focus and the actress was satisfactory in the acting side. The guy who grabbed my attention was Mr. Prakash Raj who did an extremely good performance as Choudhary.

Sabbir Khan can’t create that expected level of entertainment with his making. The script doesn’t really justify the heropanti term and at many points it’s just pointless romance. Most of the songs are out of relevance. Cinematography is okay. Music was good and I really liked that whistle song (or just the whistle used in the BG).

Overall this film isn’t an unbearable one. Heropanti lacks masala and somewhere it has a beta Ishaqsade feel with a DDLJ climax. I am giving it a 2/5. It’s a good time killer.

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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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